Women in the video game industry: a pending task for many companies

who – which The interactive entertainment part is mostly made up of men Not a secret. There is no shortage – of course – of the great names that the industry itself has suggested as a reference. Bonnie Ross (Founder of 343 Industries), Jade Raymond (developer of Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, among others), Amy Henning (Crystal Dynamics, Naughty Dog writer and director), Kim Swift (valve) or Carla Mininsky s Carol Shaw (Atari) among others, have fought to reverse another reality, though always moved by the whims of demanding boards.

If we stick to the official data, for now, A female presence in the video game industry remains a challenge for many companies. In fact, Employment of women in the sector is only 23%.. This is what he is posting An introductory document on Spanish video game developmenta document essential for knowing the current state of the industry and the equilibrium (or rather the disequilibrium) with respect to the employment that the sector generates along with The percentage of players that exceed 48%..

Many outstanding duties

Nowadays, There are many companies whose overdue duties include encouraging the integration of young professionals, with particular attention to women, plans that promote employment and professional growth, always, under equal conditions. In this way, many of the structural deficiencies that the sector suffers from will certainly be resolved to make it more open, competitive and democratic.

Still, there are many companies that comply. product madnessFor example, it recently announced its opening in Barcelona with the aim of financing and supporting mobile gaming projects in Spain. To date, it has employed over 100 people in its Barcelona facility and is proud to have 40% women in the company. Barcelona continues to bring together the largest number of video game companies nationwide, with Ubisoft, IO Interactive, Larian Studios, Alkimia Interactive or Tripledot Studios among others.

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Low bet time

It seems that the past two years have served Secondary effects of the pandemic on the video game industry. After 2020 to forget, as gaming hours were boosted by restrictions, the global video game market shrank by 1.1% compared to the previous year. Altogether, more than $175,000 million has been billed, and the 3,000 million player barrier has been crossed globally.

Regarding our country, Spain is the fifth European market and the tenth in the world. Despite this, the Spanish development and production industry is still far from occupying its rightful place in the international ranking due to the size of its market. Until now Most studies do not have specific policies to promote diversity and gender equality in its workforce, as well as those that do not have a protocol designed to operate in potential cases of harassment or discrimination, two measures that must be widely accepted in order to achieve more inclusive and diverse work spaces free of toxic behaviors.

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