Woman kicked out of gym for being ‘too hot’ returns to do workout in hot pants

Shirls had been a member of the gym for six years before they kicked her out over her racy Instagram posts. She has since returned to filming workouts in hot pants

The fitness model who claimed she was kicked out of her local gym for taking “tasteless Instagram pictures” has returned to working out in hot pants.

Shirls Larson had been a member of the gym for six years but after she was caught taking snaps for her Instagram mid-workout, they kicked her to the kerb.

Posting on her Twitter account earlier this month, she explained: “I was kicked out of my small hometown gym of which I’ve been a member for six years for taking tasteless Instagram pictures.”

The tweet included one of the photos she had taken in the bright pink locker room, donning a sports bra and pink booty shorts while holding a dumbbell.

But a new video posted to Instagram shows she’s returned to a gym along with her super short shorts.

In the clip, which has gained more than 700 likes, the OnlyFans model, posed for the camera in a pair of tight camouflage shorts and a baggy white shirt she had tucked under the sides of her bra.

It is not clear whether the gym is the one she was originally “kicked out of”.

She wrote in the caption: “You can either unravel all of your insecurities in this lifetime and truly live – or you can just project all of them onto everyone and everything around you and be a huge crybaby.”

She started off her leg day routine on the squat rack before moving on to leg extensions and hip abduction – which seemed to impress her fans.

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Her followers flocked to the comments to shower her with compliments as they declared her workouts “are working.”

One user said: “Looking good lady!” Another added: “It’s working.”

A third even suggested, she should compete in the Miss Bum Bum contest in Brazil, writing: “Ma’am… respectfully… Brazil has this competition “Miss Bumbum”.

“I’m fairly certain after seeing you they’d retire the competition for good!”

But not everyone was impressed one user claimed she doesn’t really post about fitness and that she is “attention seeking.”

A bloke said: “Let’s be honest with each other. These videos aren’t for fitness, they’re for attention. Speaking of attention, seems you’re getting exactly that.

“While we’re at it, nobody comes here for personal advice either. Lastly, do you really expect any self-respecting person would be with you after seeing your Instagram? Really more of a rhetorical question.”

But Shirls shut down the troll by replying: “I’m too stoned to read all that.”

The influencer previously addressed the issues around what she posts following her banishment as she claimed: “I am free-spirited, I am friendly, I have a great sense of myself as significant and important REGARDLESS of what I choose to wear (or not wear).

She said she also respects people “regardless of how they dress, behave, [or] adhere to social standards”.

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