Wizink’s stool is filled with good people

9:30 p.m., the official start time for the concert, stands, and track WiZink Center They still show empty areas. However, if one thing was clear last night, it was that the place was going to explode from just a few days ago, run out.

Confident and lazy, the audience enjoyed a spring afternoon on the stands surrounding the old Palace of Sports or browsed the propaganda stands erected by the Popular Party fighters and Fox, knowing that the majority of those present sympathized with conservative ideologies. as much as Willie Barcenas He insists on stressing from this point poop It is nothing more than a group, the shadow of his father and the corruption of the People’s Party is long.

Many of the group’s lyrics, including the love lyrics, as well as Willie’s introductions to her before her singing, can be interpreted in light of his parents’ legal troubles. From unfortunate smothers like “Now everyone, put your hands up!” , to comments about the value of family, friendship, staying together in bad times, the need to put a good face on enemies, “because jode quantity”, references to “Even if someone’s broke inside, you gotta stay classy” and of course Mama, the song he composed The singer in honor of his mother, when Rosalia Iglesias was in prison.

Indeed, one might say so The Taburete Show is, for its audience, the closest thing to a protest song event or at least a reaffirmation of its essence Andn hostile political circumstance. The proof of this is that, throughout the ceremony, which lasted about two hours, cheers were given to Spain, red and white flags were waved, and a minority group not followed by the rest of the room, let us say, began to sing “Pedro Sánchez hijodeputa,” and between song and song the institution of family, of marriage, was magnified , brotherly relations, and there were a number of flamenco, not to be missed, there was not a little rumba.

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people willing

The main reason for yesterday’s concert was the presentation of the group’s latest live album, Matadero 5, a title indicating that the Taburete members had read Kurt Vonnegut – very likely in the color-coded version of Blackie Books and not in Anagram – in the same way they were supposed to read David Foster Wallace pre-contacted his 2021 LP The Infinite Joke and watched The 400 Blows before Truffaut’s bar quote on Toast.

Contrary to what his critics insist on asserting Willy Barcenas and his friends belong to the oligarchs of the country and lead an interesting life, which does not prevent them from being curious guys.with cultural interests, with studies, with artistic talents, who compose their own songs and who use language very particular in terms of their words and in their everyday speech, in which certain differential features of class can be detected.

On Taburete themes are bullfighting terms (querencia), ancient local entertainment references (cabaré, canteen), exciting places you can’t exactly get to using the carriageway (Acapulco, Mexico City, Guajaca, Tijuana Chihuahua, Monterey, Nueva York, Sierra Nevada ), world cuisine (bleu cheese, sake), rhythms from other times (bolero) or fashion for special occasions (tuxedo).

In addition, they tend to insert expletives like “fuck it” or “butto” to emphasize the message, get closer to their audience, and even improvise phrases like “You’re going to a party and blowing a wig you’ll never forget in your fucking life.” A statement so remarkable in its construction and meaning, that it could have meant that, given their coincidence in history, yesterday’s party could have been incorporated into the programming of The Night of the Books.

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Fewer newspapers

With fifteen minutes left before ten o’clock in the evening, the lights went out and a six-piece band began playing. Soon after, Willy Barcenas and Anton Carino appeared on stage, and admitted, on several occasions throughout the concert, that they were on the verge of tears, a comment that was probably too harsh since the truth is, the gig wasn’t that bad.

Stool has performed the group’s greatest hits, including Sirenas, Kaiserlauten, El fin, México DF, Mariposas, Entre tus Legas, Amos del piano bar, Walter Palmeras, Belefón, Luna and Caminito — which, as commented on Twitter, user @Toni_Delong, is in view. Public, it can be “a road, a furrow and a shape” -. Also, throughout the concert, The scope seemed compact, well lubricated, and solid sounding. On his part and as bandleader, Parcenas was charismatic and gave a correct interpretation, coming to love each other and giving the audience some vocal fantasy that was very well received.

However, while artists like Rosalía or C Tangana create shows with powerful concepts that are later developed into records, videos and concert staging, Taburete’s proposal was rather rough. For example, references to the Matadero 5 are barely visible in a neon sign placed on the stage and in products for sale in the booth. commerce It is located in a hall wizink.

Performance expectations, far from the abundance of this concept that gives the Tour its name, are mostly, Nondescript pictures that are more like computer screensavers than audiovisual support for songs. The views and lights did not stand out for their stunning splendor either, and on the musical side the arrangements were traditional, there were no solos by the band’s musicians and the resources to energize the spectators resorted excessively to sentimentality.

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In spite of everything, it would be very difficult to find a person who left disappointed yesterday WiZink Center. The audience loudly accompanied the songs from first to last, shook at the words of Willy Barcenas, cheered when he mentioned Loreto, his future wife, paid tribute to the bass player’s recent paternity, and appreciated the surprise of the stage’s invitation to the café. Quijano and José Mecé and they felt loved and appreciated when, finally, the traditional group pulled out Personal Photos with them in the background.

In short, if one aspect of music is to evoke emotion, yesterday’s Taburete was an unacceptable success. So amazing was it that in his full apotheosis, moments before the drummer gave the final blow with fanfare and cymbals, Willy Barcenas addressed the crowd saying: “Fewer newspapers! Less bullshit! The truth is, that’s a chair!”. There was no need to put a blindfold on as his followers saw no wounds.

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