With this homemade trick, you can disinfect and clean your toilet in a minute

House cleaning is always a daunting task for the vast majority. however, Its importance is extremely important when it comes to maintaining a home free from bacteria that can harm our health.. Cleaning and disinfection It is something that must be attempted to be done often and thoroughly in order for the dirt to be gone effectively. The kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms that require special attention when it comes to keeping our home clean. (In this link, we show you a homemade and cheap way to clean your oven in five minutes.)

It is important to rub it, but it is also necessary to clean the dust from the floor and walls (In this link, we show you the infallible trick to leaving your floor broom as good as new). There are many products and brands in the supermarket to add to your cleaning and grime-fighting arsenal. however, There are home remedies that are equally effective (And even more hygienic) to clean the house and that too does not assume extra cost on our pocket (In this link, we talked about the trendy cloth and three other cleaning products that are sweeping all supermarkets.)

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The bathroom toilet is one of the places where dirt accumulates the most and requires special care to clean it. So here We show you a product that you already have at home and that will help you leave that space in your home sparkling and bacteria-free. Like the first day. It’s about vinegar, an essential ally against dirt and whose disinfecting properties make it an essential ingredient when cleaning any corner. The idea for removing visible grime is to heat a cup of vinegar to a temperature of 40 degrees. Next, we mix it with baking soda and iodine solution. Then pour the mixture into the toilet and scrub to remove any dirt. Another option is to pour the product into the toilet tank and into the sink itself and leave it Let it rest overnight for the product to work.

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Vinegar is very useful for cleaning any surface in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. (In this link we show you how you can use it to clean and disinfect the kitchen or bathroom).

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