Wilko Johnson, ace of guitar and human lightning, dies

Guitarist Wilco Johnson, the closest thing to a human thunderbolt that ever got on stage because of His intense manner of playing and his amphetamine movesHe died on Monday, aged 75, at his home in Westcliff-on-Sea, east London, his family said in a Facebook message on Wednesday.

Johnson, born John Peter Wilkinson, was diagnosed with cancer From the final pancreas in 2013; However, he underwent an 11-hour trial run and was “resurrected” against all odds. In 2014, when he still did not know that he would enjoy a long life, he jointly published with Roger Daltrey, singer of The Who, released the LP “Going back home”, which will be followed in 2018 by “Blow your mind”. in Barcelona We got to see the reborn Johnson on two occasions, at Teatro Apollo in 2016 and at Sala Apollo in 2019, and on both occasions he was, as always, a prodigy in electricity.

Johnson was a founding member Dr. feel gooda group from Canvey Island in the first half of the 1970s heralded the arrival of punk edgy rhythm and blues. The original line-up of the main rock band was completed by the no less charismatic singer Lee Brillow (died 1994), John Martin (drums) and John B. Sparks (bass); Watch out for these guys.

In 1979 Johnson joined Ian Dury and The Blockheada formidable formation to be seen with, black skin from head to toe, in PSUC party 1981, in Montjuïc. In the Blockheads he met the bass player Norman Wat Roya guitarist who would be his right-hand man on the trio’s long journey, always live memorable, but not so much on the record.

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Johnson played executioner Ellen Payne, the King’s Justice, in the seriesGame of thrones.

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