Why is the chronic war a victory for Russia?

It was not the best way to reach an agreement, but in the end the need to deliver a large number of battle tanks and armored vehicles to Ukraine prevailed. Despite the fuss over who should make the first move, it is clear that without tanks – as well as long-range missiles – the Kyiv government cannot handle the “wide spring torrent” that Russia is preparing with its conscription. gradual. The evil Putin biscuit has dared to burp that Ukraine is looking for more weapons because they enjoy this war so much that they want to prolong it indefinitely. As always, those of the Moscow Region do not hesitate to attribute their misdeeds to others. In this sense, the Kremlin is the creator of the so-called frozen conflicts. What does it mean in practice to end an armed conflict without a peace treaty or a political framework for a solution, to impose a puppet government, and to generate insecurity under the threat of resuming hostilities at any time? If it does not want to end up like Moldova, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh or Syria, Ukraine needs a different strategy to force Russia to withdraw or at least sit down to negotiate. After the failure of the initial lightning attack, Putin was the first person interested in fortifying this war. With control of 17 percent of Ukraine’s territory including Crimea, Russia could still gain an advantage it didn’t have on the battlefield. Record related news If Schultz promised there would be no escalation between Russia and NATO after sending the Leopard 2 to Ukraine Rosalia Sanchez, the chancellor went ahead of the plenary to present his double resolution, releasing the transfer of German-made battle tanks in the possession of other Western countries and Germany’s own shipment For 14 Leopard 2A6 units from the Army Reserves. With rationed military support for Kiev, Russia will be able to continue as it has so far made Ukraine economically unviable; undermining their resistance by deliberate, indiscriminate, and widespread killing of civilians; As well as exhausting their Western partners so that they begin to demand an end to the “Zelensky War”. And if Putin continues like this until 2024, who knows if he will meet Donald Trump again in the White House.

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