Why has interest in treasury bills increased so dramatically? Profitability, where to buy them and how to avoid queues

Just a few months ago, it was a program Cost-effectiveness affiliate treasure letters Did not exceed 1% now close to 3%. This increase in interest on public debt has unleashed such a stir that there are queues at the Bank of Spain to invest in it.

Treasury bills work through auction. The most recent one, implemented in January, came in at 2.983% at 12 months, 2.830% at 9 months, 2.584% at 6 months and 2.182 at 3 months. At the last auction of 2022, 1-year notes were around 2.5%, which indicates a growth in investment profitability.

To buy debt on his own Bank of Spain It is necessary to go Personally. Indeed, from February 7 you can only come by appointment. The advantage of doing it in person is that they avoid commissions, but in return they have to schedule and wait for the long lines that follow one another at the venues.

Options to avoid queues

To avoid having to do it in person, investors can make the transaction online through Treasury website. To subscribe to the public debt, users must register in the system through a direct account in the Bank of Spain if this is the first time they have done so. They will need a certificate or electronic ID. In this case, there is a commission of 1.5 per thousand, and a maximum of 200 euros.

Finally, users can invest in Letras del Tesoro with a file banking entitiesBut the mediation commission they ask is usually higher than that of the public treasury.

The headquarters of the Bank of Spain

However, if investors want to do it in person, they can go to the 16 offices that the Bank of Spain has spread throughout Spain.

Investment in public speaking doubles

The general director of the treasury himself, Álvaro López Barceló, indicated in an interview in Cinco Dias that in 2022 orders of 400 million euros were placed, while in just one month of 2023 they almost reached that number only on their website.

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