Why do we enjoy horror movies?

post phenomenon Horror film He has not been released yet. With a trailer only two and a half minutes long, the trend has become popular on TikTok and will presumably lead to a sequel and possibly a franchise. It comes to

Terrorism as a political act

Horror and great cinema have always been political. Kidnappers invade corpses In the 1950s it was a metaphor for anti-communist phobia. Godzilla It was Japanese expression for the atomic bombHow tarantula It was in the B series Hollywood. Night of the living dead She had a background of racism and the Vietnam War. for Pilar Pedraza, novelist and essayist expert on horror literature and cinema, “is one of the most purely cinematographic genres because it expresses latent content and unconscious fears through images with high impact.” Sanchez-Navarro believes that “the validity of terror rests primarily on the genre’s adaptability. Horror cinema adapts the anxieties of the time in which they are made and transforms them into audience-friendly ideas.”

kneaderthe new production of James Wan (“Saw”, “Insidious”, “The Warren Dossier”) about A Killer robot dollwhose erratic dances in said trailer unleashed a wave of frenzy in the Tik Tok in the form of parodies and memes under the hashtag #m3gandance, with over 65 million views. The movie will hit theaters Jan 4th It is expected, like other horror movie titles, to sweep the box office around the world.

Scary movies have fascinated audiences since the dawn of time, but their popularity in recent years is as unquestionable as it is amazing. Besides superhero movies, which have been predetermined since their inception to attract audiences in droves to cinemas, Freaks or surprises at the box office are, as a rule, scary movies. Just like riding a roller coaster Horror movies shake usIt both amuses and scares us, which is probably why it is so attractive. In the last quarter of this year, for example, “Smile” was a hit with audiences, grossing nearly $190 million worldwide. As in the US, the “low-budget” “gore” Terrifier 2 turned out to be cult phenomenon Thanks to word of mouth As for Spain, the fact that “13 Exorcisms” has been in the “top ten” at the box office since its premiere three weeks ago proves the indomitable power of attraction of the genre.

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And this golden age is not the legacy of cinemas since then On streaming platforms, terror is also setting the trend: From movies like “Barbarian” on Disney+ to series like “Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” or “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” both on Netflix. Why are we drawn to horror movies even though they make us suffer? Or maybe we love it precisely because it makes us suffer? Five experts in the field help us unravel our doubts Five keys.

Journalist and writer Desiree Fass He argues that the interest in horror films, today, “larger than usual & rdquor;. To the author of the reference Screaming queensThis can be seen in the success of films that at another time would not have worked in the same way, he writes a smile also barbaric& rdquo;. In any case, Horror movies have always been around, throughout history: in the thirties, fifties, eighties. “It is a space where things that violate norms are proposed. Thus, it has had a great impact among the public in Moments of great social upheaval, as it is happening now & rdquor; Indicates Javier RuedaDirector of the Terror Mullins Festival.

in this meaning, Jordi Sanchez Navarrodirector of communication studies at the University of Oklahoma, believes that people watch horror movies at a time when society is “frustrated” by various issues. escape more radical or opt for cultural or recreational experiences that in some way exacerbate that pain.”

according to from FezOne aspect that makes this genre so attractive is that in recent years we have seen many films in which issues that have to do with the present are discussed metaphorically.” There are reactionary films, of course, but the majority of titles are against the system. We Are the Children of George A. Romero, who has made notable political movies and films,” says Terror Mullins director. and for Carlotta Pereda, award-winning director small pigHorror films allow us to take other themes further, both formally and thematically. As an author it is very exciting ”.

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We accept that horror movies are reflective, but they are also A unique experience, the experience of fear. “You can look almost in psychosocial theories, if people need to look for entertainment that allows you to let go of tensions, or more skin, or see their fears projected, or post-incarceration and mldr; but I think in general it’s a A very attractive type with a lot of potential” De Vass says.

“There is nothing better than that witch train as a group healing experience ” says Carlotta Pereda. And maybe that’s why horror movies never go out of style. “He will always be on top, because in addition to that Amuse teens, who often take it as a joke and consume it in a group to have a good time. horror cinema, let’s go & rdquor; Pedraza adds

In any case, according to Sanchez Navarro, “we must not forget that A large part of the audience rejects horror films. Scary movies have been loved by all but exceptions throughout history. Why are there some that work so well? unknown. It has nothing to do with its quality or production values, but with the mysterious springs it touches & rdquor; Hence the genre is, and will remain, exciting.

“It makes sense that broadcasting would somehow lead to Horror movies galoreGiven that the proliferation of platforms has created a new ecosystem of film content,” Sanchez-Navarro reflects. “Domestic film consumption has practically migrated to platforms,” he continues. Inland space has always been a good place for terroras can already be seen in the era of maximum expansion of video stores & rdquor ;.

Pointing to both flow Like the theatres, Pereda is clear about it: “It just so happens that many of the films that have done better have been very original and imaginative, something that doesn’t happen in cinema.” the current in general & rdquo;. Rueda adds this reflection: “This genre is very immediate, and it doesn’t have to have big budgets to be a hit with viewers. Usually Films are for young people who capture contemporary things, which in other species requires more time. Young people feel it so close, and older people can continue to be drawn to the freshness it brings.

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Is all fair in horror?

GrandmaAnd the noAnd the Black phoneAnd the x… The year 2022 has been wayward in its well-received horror movie premieres, although its sheer scale, and ever-quickening and ever-excited activity on social networks means that many titles have earned the status of “best movie of the year” in a hurry. Perhaps garbage is widespread and terrorism is the new thing the current, where (almost) anything goes. The current success and huge amount of production for platforms flow They can create a comfortable situation, but that is not the case at the moment,” says Javier Rueda. “Terrorism is in a brutal moment. In fact I have a feeling that the better person is horror the current, that is, which was created on a larger budget with the desire to reach many viewers & rdquor; Desiree de Fez adds.

boss small pig He agrees that 2022 is a “tremendous year” and believes there is currently a double take in terms of the cinematic genre: “The part that is actually the new reality the current, and another is the new, original and very risky auteur cinema, in the style of the auteur cinema of the 70s. Pilar Pedraza is clear about it: “There is good and bad terror, as always, depending on the target audience, the investment of the producers and, above all, the solvency of its creators.

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