Why did Boris Johnson resign and what is he planning to do now?

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned from the British Parliament on Friday. Johnson’s tenure was marked by the “Partigate” scandal, the same reason he has now resigned his seat.

Johnson confirmed that it was ‘Forced to leave Parliament’ The committee that investigated him was described as a “kangaroo court”. Specifically, that committee is investigating whether he knowingly lied about parties to the House of Commons during the coronavirus pandemic. While the rest of the country was locked down and discussed his disqualification.

Reason for Johnson’s resignation

Boris Johnson got to see that committee’s report. He explained that he had received a letter from the committee investigating him, in which they made it clear that they were “determined to use the measures” to expel him. After hearing this report, he submitted his resignation.

Despite his resignation, the former British Prime Minister published a text in it Defending himself In it, he asserts that he “was saying what he sincerely believed to be true” and what he was “commanded” to say, thus again defending his position.

Most of the committee members, especially its chairman, have already He made very hurtful comments about my guilt Johnson said in the letter, explaining the reason for his resignation.

It was the scandal of illegal parties that hastened his resignation on 6 September 2021, amid pressure from his colleagues in the face of the discredit the Conservative Party was gaining over this and other scandals under his tenure.

“They deliberately chose to ignore the truth because their aim from the outset was not to discover the truth, or to understand what I really had in mind when I spoke in the House of Commons,” the ex-MP denounced. In addition, it has included that There is a “witch hunt” To avenge Britain’s exit from the European Union.

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What will Boris Johnson do now?

UK political analysts don’t know for sure what will happen to Johnson from now on for sure. “Everything points to that You will continue to throw political grenades From the sidelines, even as he travels around the world he earns millions through his lectures,” he explains in an article titled “The Guardian.”

On the other hand, the last paragraph of the farewell speech did not go unnoticed. “It is very sad to leave Parliament, At least for nowbut above all I am bewildered and horrified that a committee chaired and led by Harriet Harman, with such egregious bias, could force me out in such an undemocratic way,” Boris Johnson declared leaving his future and a hypothetical return to politics Up in the air.

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