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several decades ago Leasing, a rental method distinguished by its long duration, has been established in our lives. In recent years, this leasing system has taken root in the automotive sector. companies and offers Leasing Vehicles are multiplying, and more and more drivers are choosing this option and giving up buying their own. But, if we think about it, it will still be payment for using a service, in addition to which we already know very well in other sectors such as entertainment in flowMusic and cloud technology…

Although many do not know this, the Leasing It is also very useful for renting technological equipment, including cell phones. Today, it is no longer necessary to buy the latest model of smart phone To enjoy this device, it is enough to pay one monthly fee for it.

Advantages Leasing The number of mobile phones are numerous: the mobile phone is always brand new, so it is in perfect conditions of use; It is not necessary to contribute an economic amount in advance and the cost to be paid each month is fixed, so that unexpected expenses are avoided; The service includes all risks insurance that covers any type of accident (breakage, theft, accidental damage, among others); You can renew the phone at any time to get a completely new one; The circular economy is being promoted…

Once the box is opened, the mobile phone loses 30% of its value. We don’t make it profitable either, because we just leave it in a drawer until it’s zero.

Pablo Blanco, CEO of Rentik

All these benefits have not gone unnoticed by the users. An independent study conducted by the consulting firm IO Investigación on a representative sample of 1,500 people reveals that 38% of Spaniards – almost four out of ten – would like to switch to Leasing from mobile devices. This percentage reaches 40% in the case of women between 35 and 54 years old, as they consider that this contributes to reducing expenses in the family economy, which becomes increasingly important in a period of inflation such as the current one, which punishes them. Strongly in the local finance.

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For a few months now, renting the latest generation of cell phones has become more than affordable thanks to Rentik Leasing From smart phones It has a wide range of peripherals, including the best brands on the market (Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, Apple iPhone) for any normal person. Its operation is simple and fast as the contracting process takes place Online Through its website and takes just two minutes. However, Rentik’s services can also be contracted out at more than 800 physical stores, such as Phone House stores.

Once in Leasing, it’s time to own the phone – it’s free and not tied to any particular company. The customer will receive it free of charge at home within approximately 72 working hours (three more days in the case of the Balearic Islands and ten working days if the delivery is in the Canary Islands). Each month, the card provided by the user will be charged a fee, which can range from 12 euros per month, depending on the phone chosen.

Unstoppable growth

“We’ve been growing in recent weeks at a rate of 200%,” admits Rentik’s general manager, Pablo Blanco. The usual thing is that the contract lasts for 24 months, which guarantees that the customer will unlock his mobile phone every two years. After that period, the most common thing to do is to return the phone to get a new one. Leasing And a brand new device, though the process can also be extended for another 12 months (at a 25% discount). If it is finally decided not to renew it, it will suffice to hand over the phone.

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The service goes even further, including all-risks insurance with many coverages, from theft and theft to broken screen, liquid spills, fraudulent use, and accidental damage, among others. And in the event of an accident, the user will have a replacement terminal. This point is important, since the IO Investigation survey showed that almost half of Spaniards have defects in their mobile phones, and on average, 22% spend more than 200 euros to repair them, so they decide on the replacement option Leasing Makes all sense. For this reason, the biggest advantage of this type of service like that offered by Rentik is that if the machine breaks down, the customer receives a new one.

A fee will be charged each month to the card provided by the user, which can range from 12 euros per month, depending on the phone chosen.  This method has been well accepted among the youth.
A fee will be charged each month to the card provided by the user, which can range from 12 euros per month, depending on the phone chosen. This method has been well accepted among the youth.Getty Images/iStock

In this same study, seven out of ten respondents considered the current price of mobile phones in the market to be so expensive that they would soon be devalued. “Once the box is opened, the mobile phone loses 30% of its value. We don’t make a profit either, because we leave it in a drawer until its price is zero,” agrees Pablo Blanco. Something that makes sense, on the other hand, because of the ever-evolving technology. “It’s a sector with high potential for innovation and revenue. We haven’t implemented 5G and we’re already talking about 6G,” he notes. Therefore, his opinion is confirmed. “With Rentik, the customer goes from owning the phone they can afford to owning the phone they want,” he adds.

An argument that convinces people of all ages, from the young – who in this way can get to the station they want, but who can’t afford it if they pay cash – as well as families, who see how their purchasing power has declined after the ever-rising interest rates. Another reason why it is a good decision to trust Rentik.

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