Why are more and more people putting toilet paper rolls in the blinds?

the curtains They are a seemingly simple item that is essential in almost any home: Provides privacyavoid prying eyes, Isolates from noise external f Protects from the cold in winter and heat in summer.

In addition to all this, which is not so little, the blinds also work Decorative item with rich variety: We can use simple curtains with grommets, complex curtains with different layers, different styles and textures, and the options are multiple.

In this sense, the type of curtains that have been most successful lately is Grommet curtains. It is easier to put on and take off, washes more easily and requires less maintenance, unlike the old curtains which used sheer curtains, several layers and their placement was very complicated.

The only downside to these curtains is that They are not as elegant as the classic ones.s. However, this can be easily solved with a surprisingly simple trick that gets more and more successful.

Toilet paper trick on the blinds

Grommet curtains are very easy to install, but the final look isn’t the most successful in the world. Moreover, these curtains lose their shape with use and start to wrinkle while hanging. Luckily, Alexis TejadaYouTuber, found The final trick So that the curtains with grommets They are the most elegant and harmonious.

First of all, you need to be patient and Several finished toilet paper rolls pile up, the ones we usually throw away without thinking. Once you’ve put together dozens of them, it’s time to get to work.

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As Tejada shows in the video, you must first place a curtain washer on the rod in order to hang it. the next, Insert a roll of cardboard, then another washer. The idea is to make a cardboard tube out of toilet paper between each washer. In this way, you will see how the curtain is formed and indeed It does not contain annoying folds and wrinkles.

By inserting toilet paper tubes inside the curtain, A backing is created that prevents the fabric from wrinkling or deforming, Which can give your curtain a more elegant and professional look. Also, toilet paper tubes An economical and easy-to-find solution Compared to other materials that can be used for this purpose.

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