Who will win Pasaballabra? Will it be Orestes, or will it be Rapha

he TV program Pasapalabra is one of the fashion programs currently on Spanish television network. The competition, broadcast by Antena 3 and hosted by Roberto Leal, is not only one of the longest-running entertainment programs in the history of Spanish television, but also one of the entertainment programs that sweeps the audience every afternoon. In fact, she broke records after logging in over 2.8 million viewers and winning the golden minute on television during that successful day.

Will he beat his best score again? It’s bound to happen and it’s no wonder Pasapalabra is about to make history with the current two unbeatable contestants taking the crowd by storm. Orestes and Raphael They duel each day to correctly complete Roscoe’s final. And not just any jackpot, but the biggest jackpot in the history of “El Rosco” and the second highest of all time on Spanish television: a minimum of €2,256,000 plus the amounts accrued for each one. Will they be able to ride the boat in the next few days?

Everything points to yes, according to a track released by the program itself through its Twitter profile. “Next week, the biggest jackpot in Pasapalabra history arrives. Are you going to miss this moment in history?”

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Who will be the lucky one? Who will win the jackpot, which is close to 2.3 million euros? “I hope you are Rafa,” said one user in response to the tweet announcing the show. But he is not the only one who supports him, and also support the profile of Rava Pasapalabra.

On the other hand, not only Rafa Castaño from Sevilla receives the love of netizens. His rival, Orestes Barbero, who joined the competition again in the fall of 2021, is also well supported by the public. “If Orestes hadn’t won, I wouldn’t watch the program anymore,” says one network user. “Orestes deserves it very much,” another admirer of the veteran admits.

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