Who will be Ogurlyan’s dance partner?

Joseph Ogurlian’s sighing of Indra’s division Solomon guarantees his future – Amber Capital’s, not the overly secured Indra as it is – sounds like the script of one of those films with “flashbacks” in that the ending is scripted and the development consists of reaching the end after the gestures of a narrator who knows more than he tells. The Armenian businessman of Zaragoza demands a separation between defense and technology. The latter is the jewel in the crown, as the latest published quarterly results reflect, which is why Oughourlian also issued as if a lullaby to companies whose IT branch, Minsait’s coveted, should be merged with another technology branch. Will there really be a dance partner from this marriage of convenience? I say Amber comfort, not Indra. In Hindu mythology, Indra is the god of storms, lightning, and the visible sky. Perhaps soon we will be able to see Pedro Sanchez’s hand is long and looks like the heavenly music of his people.

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