Who is Sarah Duke? The explosive English teacher in the Premier League who drives players crazy

c.When you’re not English and you sign up for a team of Premier LeagueOne of the first things you should do is hire the services of a language tutor to help you. This is the situation Sarah Dukea Premier League private tutor, is a young Portuguese-born girl dedicated to being a “language coach” for players and coaches.

Speak perfectly Portuguese, English, German, French and SpanishAnd I decided to specialize in the world of football. His technique, he explains, is drawn from memory, especially some of the essential elements of the world of sports.

Julian Alvarez, his favorite student

Yes in deed , His impressive body This is what caused a stir on social networks. Many players are happy to be his students, but above all Julian Alvarez who seems to have become his favourite, he has gone so far as to post a picture with him, highlighting the talent and attitude to learn the English language of the Argentine national team striker. “In football, clear communication between players is essential to executing strategies, making split-second decisions and achieving team goals. Similarly, in life, effective communication can help us build relationships, solve problems, and navigate new cultures.” Complete your post.

From lifting the World Cup to conquering a new language, my students’ talent knows no bounds.he wrote as a caption for a photo with the world champion in Qatar 2022. However, this is something that not everyone liked.

Although the players and coaches are happy because it teaches them to communicate in English, These women and girlfriends are not happyAnd from England they confirm that many of them are jealous from the teacher

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