Who is BB Tricks, the sudden phenomenon of the Spanish Trap

Spanish music, generally lagging behind global trends and quite fond of conventions when it comes to defining its strategic lines, rarely offers consumers a product that generates controversy, a quick fall in love and intense hate, polarization. But lo and behold, a multinational company has decided to turn the ultra-modern TikTok home star into a groovy music phenomenon: Bb Tricks Just jumped into the ring with The first installment, the very short epic (just over a quarter of an hour), deceptiveAnd It has all the urban, cool, and modern vibes you wonder: Is it a scam or is it a personal and non-transferable listing?

Many of us met Blaise Kazee (real name, we assume, of Bb trickz) in one of his TikTok videos in which he raps, in the voice of a mermaid Ginsburg and a stately Barcelona, ​​while driving: “Sorry, mom, I know I’m the worst. I know you don’t like smoking me, but I deal With my lungs / I know you don’t fucking love me / But fuck a condom / I don’t dress like a slut, mom, it’s hot.” He’d sing to say something: Belize has her own flow, she goes to the beats as she pleases, to release non-sequiturs, which are, really, the crossover between sassy and delirious and discovery (More on that later).

The thing seems to come from further: A few years ago, for example, naughty Blaise starred on the covers of several Santillana brochures (Language, literature and technology, for example). But his leap to popularity was, of course, when several of his 20-second videos went viral on TikTok. They got attention The multinational company that ended up paying the young Catalan Record looks very cheap (The bases were purchased from colons to North American producers who sell them at reasonable prices) BUT Also nothing is being done now in Spain. And therein lies the key to these character-filled times.

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“Girl, I get you / Gonna hate me too”, Bb is released on one of the songs “Trickstar”. The truth is, 15 minutes of epic is pure excerpt if one pays attention exclusively to the words and audio delivery From Young his full song to date, “Sorry Mama” (top 2Pac’s Dear Mama), has it all, swag, insolence and sectarian equivocation: “Fuck you, Daddy/ I was born in Hospital Del Mar/ And my dad was there DJing/ I’m sure he put a pill on/ I was born there, you know?/ I came out of my pussy, literally/ You gave me a hard time”, “De when I was young, they didn’t put The Teletubbies on me / They put real movies on me / Where the real boobies came out.”

But if many were still reeling from “it wasn’t squirt, it was pee” from one of those faraway videos, we now have it. “You fucked Yung Beef / Now you have AIDS“. Who would have told Fernando Kit-Kat, after so many years of being the badass king of the underground rag-gatherer, that he would be destroyed without consideration by a girl who looked like a doll? In fact, Blaise explains it: “I don’t know what they see me / I’m a bitch / I really think that’s why they like it / Everything tastes like fruit / Look how I enjoy it” (The song is titled “Sentimental”).

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Urban experts connect bb trickz with Ice Spicethe new drilling princess (a modern kind of trap, more gangster than drug addict), who also gave birth to social networks and is now triumphant with her songs from Carefree music, rhymes based on quotes and charisma in delivery. She has already entered the Kardashian clan (apparently, the daughter of Kim and Kanye West, North, is a fan), fashion brands are fighting for her and do not stop starring in campaigns of all kinds. and that he had just released his first recording reference, the epic titled “Like…”?.

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Surely we will soon see Bb trickz reach similar heights in our country. At the moment, he announces from his Instagram in a picture surrounded by a good pile of 50 supposed coins: “100 thousand [100.000] For 1 tiktok. And even Karol G has recorded himself doing a reboot of a cut from “Missionsuicida.”

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