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The 8.5% increase in pensions implemented by the government for this year means a huge jump in the average amount of benefits. The first invoice for the year in which it was paid before Social security In January it was close to 12,000 million euros, the equivalent of 1 percentage point of GDP. On average, pensions will grow by about €107 per month, a figure that rises to €239 per month for those workers who retired over the past year with benefits 20% higher than average and who also benefited from a massive revaluation.

Moreover, the first salary scale for 2023 allows us to note the difference in the amounts received by the different groups. As this medium has already shown, the level of benefits ultimately depends on the level of interest contribution basis Which justifies the corresponding for the past 25 years. Although there is a pattern that some distinct groups in social security schemes show pension amount figures significantly above average.

As a prelude, in January this year average pension system It amounted to 1,189 euros per month, up 9.8% from the first month of last year. This rate includes the various types of pensions provided by the system (retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood, and for the benefit of relatives).

Pensioners who earn more and more

starting from pensions, we find that the average benefit for workers who access the social security protection scheme for the end of their working life is €1,368.3. However, the distribution of this pension, which is the most common and for which €8,648 million is allocated, shows a clear difference between sectors.

Among these pensions we find the highest in the system. No other group receives Social Security income at a higher wage, they are Miners. His average pension is €2,666.9 per month (124% more than the system average, just over twice). retired paid He earns an average of €1,527.8 per month, which is 28% more than the average pension for all schemes. Right behind you is the benefit received by sea pensioners, hunters. In this case, the average pension amounts to 1,518.7 euros per month, an increase of 27.6% over the system average.

A separate case is the case of employed workers. the self employed Retirees earn an average of €910.9 in Spain, which is 23% less than the system’s global average. But in addition, this gap is significant with the group of retirees with directly similar salaries. In regards to them, freelancers earn 40.4% less.

They are also among the group of retirees who have access to retirement benefits Work accident or by Occupational diseaseWith monthly amounts of 1,436.9 and 1,871.6 euros, respectively. Specifically, the former receives 20.7% more than the global system average and the latter 57%. After the miners’ pension, those who receive occupational disease benefits receive the most income from Social Security.

And finally, those who retire with a compulsory old-age and disability insurance pension (Sovie) Receive €454.10 in interest. That’s 61.8% below the system average.

The big jump

Overall, the first pension roll X-ray shows the effect of the 8.5% revaluation on the amount of retirement benefits that have already been paid and are subject to increase. The comparison that has been warning of the financial problem facing Social Security with the retirement of baby boomers is difference between the average amount of current and new pensions. This difference takes a few years in an environment twenty% Without going any further, the last comparison for 2022 left an average pension of €1,259 while the penultimate month’s additions were just over 1,500, an increase of 20 percentage points.

With the jump of 108 euros per month experienced by the average pension, from 1,259.8 euros in December to 1,368.3 euros in January 2023, and the difference with the pension introduced last month, of 1,559 euros on average, the difference is reduced. Regarding average to a 13%seven percentage points lower than last month.

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