Who can request it and who cannot, requirements and deadlines

Then it starts Feb 15th and even March 31stCitizens who request it can receive it 200 euro help Announced by the government in December, to mitigate the effects of economic inflation And the crisis. Help can be requested through Email headquarters from the IRS by filling out a simple form.

However, since the announcement of this measure at the end of 2022, many questions have arisen regarding the requirements for obtaining this assistance.

Who can apply for assistance?

As described in headquarters tax agencyThese people, in 2022:

  • Persons who have habitual residence in Spain, under the conditions provided for in Article 9 of Law 35/2006, of November 28, on personal income tax, (residence for more than 183 days or main nucleus of activity in Spanish territory).

  • Those who have carried out an activity on their own account or on behalf of others for which they are registered in the corresponding social security or mutual insurance scheme.

  • Recipients of an unemployment benefit or benefit.

  • Persons whose full income does not exceed €27,000 (i.e. the total amount without deductions for expenses or deductions) and €75,000 in assets as of December 31, 2022 (usual residence deduction).

To calculate income, the IRS explains that “the income and property of the following persons who live at the same address must be added: the beneficiary; the beneficiary; the spouse; the common-law spouses registered in the common-law marriage registry; Their income is 8,000 euros (excluding exemption); and assets up to the second degree by direct line ».

What documents must be submitted?

They make it clear from the IRS that it is not necessary to submit any documents because “Social Security and other public bodies will send to the AEAT the information necessary to verify compliance with the requirements necessary to seek assistance.”

Who cannot apply for assistance?

From the agency’s page they reveal that those who as of December 31, 2022:

  • Those citizens who realized minimum vital income (includes child support supplement)

  • People who have a file pension Paid by the public system or private systems of social security or by the system of negative classes of the state, as well as those who have earned benefits Similar to the Reciprocal Social Security Alternatives to RETA (Private Social Security Scheme for the Self-Employed or Employed).

  • Finally, if during the year 2022 any of the following people live at the same address: the beneficiary; Husband; common-law spouses registered in the common-law marriage registry; grandchildren under 25 years of age, or with a disability, whose income does not exceed 8,000 euros (excluding exemption); and/or assets up to the second degree by direct line, were law officials For a commercial company that has not ceased its activity as of December 31, 2022, or had owned representative values From participating in the private funds of a trading company that have not been negotiated in regulated markets.

How can you apply for assistance?

Assistance will be requested through the electronic form available at Email headquarters from the IRS.

To be able to order it, it is necessary to have it Cl@veAnd electronic certificate also DNI-eThey explain from the administration, to which they add: “You can also submit the form, or submit a third party by proxy or social cooperation.”

Likewise, in order to complete the application, the nif To the applicant and persons living at the same address and a Bank account, whose owner must be the applicant, as the assistance will be paid. However, “it is not mandatory to register a NIF for children under the age of 14 who do not have it,” they explain from the government agency.

Where to seek help if my tax home is in the Basque Country or Navarre?

According to the IRS, applicants whose tax home is located in Basque country also Navara They should ask for it from the institutions of the Basque Country or Navarre.”

What is the payment term for assistance?

The IRS clarifies that the term for assistance entry is “3 months Calculated from the expiration date of the period for submitting the form. Therefore, since the last day of the application deadline is March 31, 2023, the deadline for entry will be June 30, 2023.

Also, when submitting an application or information is available not come fromthe applicant will be notified of the proposal rRejection solutionwhere the data necessary to refer to the reasons for refusal will be indicated.

If “the three-month period has passed since the end of the application period without payment of the amount or notification of the proposal of the refusal decision, it may be understood that the application has been refused,” they state from the page of the state agency.

Finally, if you want any additional information, the IRS has made it available to Citizens A phone Information (91554 87 70 or 901 33 55 33), which will be available from Monday to FridayFrom 9 am to 7 pm.

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