Who are the unemployed who will earn an average of one hundred euros this month and why

Relief at the end of the month for a large part of the unemployed Spaniards. From this February, the unemployed who have been receiving unemployment benefit for six months will receive an average of 100 euros per month, which corresponds to the January monthly payment, after the entry into force in 2023 of the increase to 60% of the regulatory base for calculating the benefit from the seventh month .

As the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, stated on her social networks, the “cuts imposed by the People’s Party” were left behind, which reduced the regulatory base to 50% for the calculation of unemployment benefit for the first 180 days. .

organizational basis

Today the unemployed will see their benefits increase by €100 on average. We have regained rights against the cuts imposed by the People’s Party. Regulation 60% applies again, not 50%, from the seventh month of collection,” Diaz posted on his Twitter account.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Economy in the state budget (PGE) for 2023 restored an unemployment benefit equal to 60% of the regulatory base, reduced to 50%, from 180 days ago during the popular government of Mariano Rajoy.

1000 euros per month

With this change, the unemployed will receive an additional 100 euros on average, until they receive compensation of approximately 1,000 euros per month, from the seventh month of payment.

The previous November, Diaz had argued before Congress that the measure would allow recipients to preserve their purchasing power “in the face of truly impossible inflation.”

Benefits are paid from the State Employment Service (SEPE) between the 10th and 15th of the following month, or on the next working day of each month, if it is a holiday.

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