(White) Paloma Urban Fashion: Flamenco women no longer wear pata de cola, now they wear pants

in imagination White Pigeon Many concepts fit together, but there is one that stands out very clearly: the concept of a shooter. Spain representative at the festival Eurovision He’s been using that number for months. Since he took the theatre Benidorm FestivalAnd He did not hesitate to spread his arms and imitate the gesture as if he were shooting an arrow with his bow. This is not accidental, it is part of his being. Or rather, the character he gave life to.

Creating a speech like Blanca Paloma’s is not an easy task, nor is it the result of just two months of work, roughly the time frame between the final of the Benidorm Festival and the Eurovision party. Behind her, perhaps, years of work and, above all, a great human team. One of them is Raoul Amor, costume designer and Eurovision president at RTVE, in charge of Providing aesthetic advice to the representatives of Spain. It’s an essential part, as it makes the nomination stronger to win. Not everything is the song & rdquor; He explains in an interview with Spanish newspaper.

he “Eaea” Blanca Paloma Perhaps it is a risky song, due to that flamenco mixed with electronic music that characterizes it. but, How does that translate to design? “It was very easy because he really came up with a very closed proposal, which partly made him win,” Omar explains. This proposal is part of A union of different concepts: On the one hand, a woman with power, strength, and independence, as the figure of an archer was used, instead Protective, familial and emotional qualities They express themselves through the same song, which evokes the lullaby her grandmother Carmen sang to her when she was young.

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From this fusion the artist was born. The speech was born. “Blanca Paloma is the perfect blend of many different ingredients that work well together,” he explains. Anita Ruiz, fashion consultant and promoter, creator of the hashtag #LaRopaHabla. They all drink from something as closely related to our roots as flamenco, but with fresh references. “Rosalía’s world has paved the way for new generations, it’s something that could have become old before, but has been renewed a lot, so it’s the perfect time to go to Eurovision for this style,” he adds.

The fear that now arises is whether this will truly be understood beyond our borders. Ruiz has no doubts. “It’s a resounding yes because it navigates so many different waters, it has the point of view of a Spanish woman, but at the same time it’s contemporary. In addition, it’s very accessible, because it was the hero at past parties where it didn’t hesitate to make the now-famous goalkeeper gesture” .

End amulet

Far from pata de cola, frilly or fan costumes, the artist chose to give new life to the concept of the flamenco woman. actually I was surprised in the final with The pants and bodice are maroon and whiteDesigned by Paloma de Diego, a native of Guadalajara. For Saturday’s performance, the artist will be wearing a 2.0 version of that outfit. “It had to be taken to a higher level, and that’s how the sculptural shell idea came about,” Amour says.

To do this, a cast of her own body was used, as she did not have time to go to the auditions. Created on this template, the master piece is “a work of art and, as such, gives free interpretation depending on who sees it”. “Some say it’s like a heart, and others say it’s a piece of cloth,” he argues. specialist. In fact, this shield reinforces the idea of ​​strength, as it points out, Marta Lacera, Fashion Director Women’s JournalFrom the Iberian Press Groupto which this newspaper belongs. “It’s made of solid materials to fit and adapt perfectly to the body, the strap detailing on the arm adds dynamism to the look and the combination with light-colored pants gives shine and dynamism,” he explains.

This wouldn’t be the only appearance Blanca Paloma will make in Liverpool. As HOLA Magazine predicted, on the turquoise carpet You will be wearing a four piece dress Created by three designers, including Robin Amor himself.

Brand Spain

All groups have a common association: lCommitment to zero kilometer fashion. Giving a voice to local designers who do not always have a place on major international catwalks. “We have great creators who make good collections, establish their market position and bet on bold creations rich in textures and where design triumphs, creating a contemporary image. In this case, Blanca Paloma knew how to see & rdquor; argues Lasierra.

but, How do you choose the finalist designer? In this case, the process was very different from that followed with previous actors such as Chanel. “Last year, a cast of dressmakers were chosen to submit their wardrobe ideas and the best one wins, but this year Blanca Paloma had no doubts—she wanted it to be Paula de Diego,” says Amour. In fact, the artist and Diego had been working together for years, “It was legal and sensible to have her, to have continuity in the discourse,” Omar recalled.

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Perhaps this continuity is one of the keys to the success of the artist, whose appearance is always in the spotlight at the events she attends. The inspiration is clear: The world of flamenco and the world of wedding, but give them a round & rdquo; Refers to Anita Ruiz. The color range is usually the same, white, golden, black and garnet tones stand out.

Another related aspect is Makeup and hairstyling-Switches to highlight certain aspects of your body. “She has this very Southern root, her dark hair, a very tight ponytail, a center parting, a red lip…that gives a very folksy hint,” says Ruiz.

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