Which products are the most high-profile and what you should buy in advance

Christmas holidays are approaching, which (courtesy of Covid) have been dates for gatherings between families and friends. All this, seasoned with a special menu to sweeten such important dates which means digging in your pocket more than usual: bream, prawns, oysters, lamb, kid … For this reason, consumer organizations such as OCU and CECU recommend anticipating and planning our purchases advance to prevent expected price increases for the most sought-after products from harming our economies. All this, in a context where inflation is at the highest levels we’ve been in this century.

“Orders usually come in a week ssource of the constitution, confirms the president of the Barcelona Butchers’ Union, Antonio Gálvez, who recalls that Christmas prices start to apply from the first of December. “As of that date, the slaughterhouses were offering me the corresponding rates,” he adds. According to a study by a startup specializing in smart shopping Gelt, the products that rose the most in recent Christmas were: polvorones (+26%), cava (+22%), seafood (+18%), nougat (+18%) ), lamb (+ 17%), marzipan (+ 13%), sausages (+ 13%), sweets (+ 12%), beef (+ 10%), fish (+ 8%) and other meats (+ 8%) %).

In addition to making purchases in advance, they advise from the CECU, “try to make an approximation of what food would really be consumed or frozen if we bought it in advance.” They also bet on “avoiding waste” and, should they have food to spare, “Consume before what has the lowest expiration date”. In addition to freezing what can last longer, and even donating it. They add from this consumer association: “You can also give a neighbor who can be useful.”

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However, it should be borne in mind that inflation this year has registered much higher than last year. For example, if the consumer price index fell to 7.3% last month and reached 10.8% in July, A year ago, prices barely increased by 5.4% (October) and 2.9% (July).. “This year I don’t know how it will go, everything is already very expensive, so I don’t think it will go up much more,” concludes Galvez, who points to an increase during December in products such as baby, lamb, various types of poultry (ducks , pollardas, farm chickens…) and pigs (suckling pigs).

More than a matter of supply and demand

From the National Federation of Provincial Associations of Retail Entrepreneurs of Fish and Frozen Products (Fedepesca) confirm that Depends on supply, demand and weather. However, they pointed out that products such as sea bream, monkfish, Norway lobster and red shrimp are products that usually increase in price as the holiday approaches. In any case, from the employers’ association that brings together fishmongers from all over Spain, it has been observed that the opposite phenomenon also occurs: «There are people who make their purchases by buying bream and then at Christmas it is cheaper. This is not entirely certain,” note sources from this association who recommend getting advice from a professional fishmonger since the value of many fisheries is “quite precarious.”

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