Where is Lisentburg, the newly invented country everyone is talking about on Twitter

Southern Europe had a new state for a few days, reducing part of Galicia and Portugal to establish its own territories. But don’t worry, this is a nation that only exists on Twitter.

We are talking about to listena fictional country born from the joke of one of the users of the aforementioned social network that already has more than 30 thousand followers.

The new country, which is located, as can be seen from the map illustrating this news, in the south of France and in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, has a definite political structure, with portfolios of its ministers under the figure of a chief, Gaspardthe creator of the original tweet that led to this viral prank.

Everything was unleashed on October 30, when the tweeter, now president, tweaked a map of Europe to criticize the supposed irony. Geographical ignorance of US citizens Regarding the ancient continent.

The tweet quickly went viral, and the number of followers from all over the world increased in the newly created country of Lissenburg.

It even has national anthems, select regions, ministers, and even a national TV channel through Discord. Even big companies like Deliveroo, which claim to offer their services in the “listenbourgeois” area, have joined in the joke; or the French Socialist PartyProclaiming itself as the first political force in the country, before Ennetburg, declaring itself “apolitical”, held its first elections, in which elections are already taking place.

The new European country has been invited to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, and has a website under construction where members of the local government can already be consulted.

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The country anthem, who also designed his passports, can be heard on YouTube for anyone who wants to join the new European territory.

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