Where did they put the stalls at the Seville Fair? How to get to Royal Hotel

One of the most important dates in the Andalusian calendar is approaching. Seville are looking forward to April fair and its booths, pyro, wrapper, rebojito or lanterns. expectation and desire for it Next edition for 2023 It is notable, both for the indigenous people and for the thousands of visitors who will come to enjoy this beautiful tradition.

Living close to the fairgrounds is fortunate as not everyone has it, so the vast majority of people who attend every fair need to set their course well in order to enjoy each day at Real Madrid to the fullest. that’s it Better transportation options To get to Real de la Feria

How to get to the April fair by bus

to reach for Seville Gallery You can choose the bus, one of the easiest ways. he The schedule is ongoing And the bus flow will be much greater than usual:

  • Special exhibition: It starts at the Prado de San Sebastián. You can get to Prado on lines 1, 22, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 37, 38 and 38A. On weekdays also in Egyptian pounds and LN. Another way to get to the Prado is to use posts 3 and 4 and the private airport.
  • These lines will adjust their route to reach the fairgrounds: Circular Interior 1 (C1), inner circular 2 (C2), Line 5, Line 6 and line 41.

How to get to the exhibition by metro

As with TUSSAM buses, the metro will provide its services at continuous hours During the exhibition period and with a much larger fleet, in this case, of trains.

  • Plus Infanteif we seek to disembark near Calle del Infierno.
  • Princes Parkis the closest station to the Real and also serves to get you to the streets of kiosks near attractions, such as Pascual Márquez.
  • Cuba SquareAnd if we wanted to walk a few minutes to Portada. This could be the ideal choice for tourists and visitors who want a great first impression of Real de la Feria.
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How to get to the fair by train

To get to the April Fair in Seville, you can choose three. The methods you can follow are:

  • from two sisters To San Bernardo all the way C1.
  • from Saint Geronimo To San Bernardo all the way C5.

Other ways to go to the Seville Fair

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Taxis usually have different payment methods for the convenience of the customer, and there is usually a large device always displayed near the front. You also have the option to call Radio Taxi or TeleTaxi to choose a custom pickup location.

Another alternative is to use the application of one of the available VTC companies, eg Uber, Capify or Boltoperating in the Andalusian city. You must take into account that in the hours when the demand is highest, it will be more difficult to access these services or there will be lower economic rates.

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