Where are the lands of the Ministry of Defense, where Pedro Sanchez promised to build 20,000 homes?

Head of Government Pedro Sanchez, announced the construction of 20,000 public homes through the Sociedad Pública Empresarial de Suelo (Sepes). According to the CEO, this new package is in addition to the 50,000 affordable public rental homes agreed with SARP and another 43,000 homes that will be funded with ICO loans.

These 20,000 new homes will be built on land owned by the Ministry of Defense in addition to those already planned by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda with the Affordable Rental Housing Scheme, in the coming years the government plans to create some 183,000 properties.

where are they?

But where is the government supposed to build the new homes? In the absence of confirmation of the lands owned by the Ministry of Defense that will be included in the measure, Sepes currently has a package of housing measures linked to its Affordable Rental Housing Scheme, which will allow the development of more than 15,000 homes.

Taking a look at the Sepes Affordable Rental Housing Scheme portal, we see that they currently have some of them 300 hectares around the entire national geography. As they explain, the urban plots will be made available to the Department of Transportation, Mobility and the Urban Agenda once the works are completed.

Without specifying the lands belonging to the Ministry of Defense, the site highlights the Seville Artillery Barracks, which has an area of ​​14 hectares and accommodates 850 houses; the Engineers’ Barracks in Valencia, measuring 3.6 hectares and accommodating 438 houses; Artillery barracks in Valencia, with an area of ​​6.80 hectares and a capacity of 600 houses and campin Madrid, with an area of ​​211 hectares and a capacity of 10,700 homes.

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