Where and how to buy it and how profitable it is

With the increase in inflation and the decrease in the interest offered by banks for holding money in the account, many savers are considering investing safely. One of the options that they have and which is now on the lips of many is to buy the public debt through treasure letters.

Its profitability will increase in 2022 And everything indicates that this year’s upward trend will continue. Specifically, at the most recent auction, the 12-month note yielded 2.98%.

to Buying treasury bills straight in Bank of Spain You must go in person to one of their sixteen offices located across the country. In this case, it is enough to bring a file Identification card and the account information to which you want to deposit the profit. The amount can be paid by transfer, check or it can be carried in cash.

online step by step

Savers can also go to the Public Treasury website, which was shut down this week, to do so online. For this, it is necessary to install the digital certificate or electronic DNI in the browser.

To invest in Letras del Tesoro it is necessary to enter tesoro.es and access the Buying and selling securities. Once in the system, you must enter your personal data and select the “product” you wish to purchase. In the case of messages, you can choose between 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

After this you should Type the amount you want to invest (minimum is 1000 euros) and, depending on the previously chosen product, the exact amount that you have to transfer to the indicated Bank of Spain account will appear. Once these steps are completed, a confirmation screen with all the process details will be accessed. If everything is correct, the next step is to click on “Sign and Send”.

The next screen will display information about Reference leaflet number for the operation and the account number of the Bank of Spain to which you have to make the transfer.

The final step is Convert Follow the indications that will appear on the web and in the mail that arrives automatically after the previous administration.

It is important not to forget when making the conversion to include as Newsletter number conceptSince this is the number that determines your subscription “, retrieved from the public treasury. Likewise, it should be noted that to enter the term, a transfer must be made Two days at least working days prior to the auction.

Once you’ve done all of the above, all that’s left is that Wait for confirmation Via Bank of Spain, which will generally arrive by e-mail and postal mail. In addition, after the auction, the Bank of Spain will send you an official receipt to formalize the transaction to your address.

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