When Unemployment Is Loaded In February: Dates By Banks

As the new month enters, files are collected unemployment benefit. The state’s Public Employment Service (SEPE) will allocate this aid for the first time since a 3.6% increase in General index of multi-effect income (IPREM) approved by the government in the state budget.

This indicator is used to set the maximum and minimum amounts of unemployment in our country. Thus, with this increase in the amount that the unemployed will receive, these benefits will range between 560 at 1,575 euros per month.

These new changes introduced by SEPE in unemployment collection also include, from the sixth month to receive unemployment, The norm will become 60%. Regarding the beneficiaries of the subsidy, they will receive 480 euros.

When is unemployment paid in this month of February?

Accordingly, there are many who are already waiting for the February benefit amount to be paid. SEPE usually pays these amounts between today 10th and 15th of each monthas required by law, which states that such fees shall be paid from the tenth day of the month.

However, some Banks decided to pay the amount From these subsidies until they reach us before what the agency requires.

As Newswork revealed, different Collection dates in each bank In February 2023 they are:

  • Banco Santander: from February 3

  • Caixabank: From February 10th

  • BBVA: From February 10th

  • Banco Sabadell: From February 10th

  • Bankinter: From February 10th

  • ING: From February 10th

  • Abanca: from 10 February

  • Openbank: from February 3

  • Unicaja: from February 9th

What happens to unemployment after the SMI rises?

As announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, the next cabinet is expected to approve an increase in the minimum wage among professionals (SMI) up to 1,080 euros.

This increase will also affect recipients of unemployment benefits, who will not be able to receive them Income equal to or greater than 75%Therefore, it will not be possible to have an income equal to or greater than 810 euros per month, when the previous limit was set at 750 euros. This will affect, among others, family assistance, the subsidy for people over 52, support for those over 45 or support intended for insufficient contributions, according to Noticias Trabajo.

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