When to apply, how to apply, and assistance requirements

The government on Tuesday approved in the Cabinet a new package of measures to contain the impact of inflation on Spanish households. A new battery that includes the abolition of the value-added tax for basic foods and a 5% discount on pasta and oils, in addition to direct aid such as a check for 200 euros, with which the executive authority intends to benefit 4.2 million families.

What are the requirements for obtaining this assistance? President Sanchez indicated on Tuesday that families who are entitled to receive the check must have income equal to or less than 27,000 euros and not exceed 75,000 euros in assets. Individuals can also access payment individually.

However, the decree providing for this payment provides for thisor entitled to assistance who, as of December 31, 2022, receive minimum vital income, or pensions paid by the public system and private social security systems or the state negative class system, as well as those who receive benefits similar to previously recognized professionals not included in the special system of social security for workers Self-employed or self-employed by mutual welfare companies.

How and when can you seek help?

A request for this direct assistance can be submitted through the electronic headquarters of IRS from February 15 and with a deadline of March 31, 2023.

How will the payment be made?

The amount of €200 will go to applicants who meet the requirements in one direct payment via bank transfer once the families have submitted their bank details to the Tax Agency.

In addition to the check, the total package of measures approved by the government on Tuesday amounts to 10,000 million euros, according to the head of the executive branch himself.

  • Reducing the value added tax for oils and pastes

  • A check of 200 euros for families

  • 30% discount on urban and intercity public transportation in autonomous communities that supplement the discount up to 50%

  • Extending the rental price freeze for six months and limiting a 2% increase in annual reviews

  • Extending the suspension of evictions for six months

  • Maintaining the 15% increase in minimum vital income and non-contributory pensions

The new ruling includes measures promoted by United We Can, such as the direct check itself and a freeze on lease contracts for the next six months. You can refer to all procedures at this link.

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