When should the napkins be changed? The trick is to make it last longer

  • It’s a simple thing but not many people notice and what to do especially with the most trendy crystal fabrics

It’s one of the essential cleaning tips: In order for your home to be ready, you don’t have to buy the most expensive or unique products. It is enough to allow yourself to be consulted by cleaning experts who periodically distribute their knowledge through social networks and Internet forums and who advise you on everything you can do to improve the care of your home. A few days ago, we told you what are the most elegant types of cloth for cleaning home windows But today’s cleaning experts go further and give you tips on how to wash those clothes. And it couldn’t be easier, more affordable, and more affordable for the general public, no matter how few they are in the habit of doing house cleaning tasks.

You can put those clothes in the washing machine. Microfiber is an easily washable fabric that adapts to almost any application. If you put these clothes in the washing machine and then let them dry like any other clothes, the results will surprise you.

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In addition, there is now a new ally that has captured all the experts in the field of cleaning, and has become a staple on its own merits. When it comes to cleaning the house. It is the environmental cloth. This microfiber product has quickly started to spread across social networks due to its results when used during cleaning tasks. Using this cloth and a little water (Product guarantees that nothing else needs to be added) Crystals and faucets will remain brilliant.

However, to achieve a better cleaning as well as to disinfect the parts to be treated, it is advisable to use vinegar. This product contains antiseptic properties and removes any wet spots that may arise. It’s perfect for Apply to surfaces such as kitchens and bathroomsTwo rooms in the house, in addition to being cleaned often, should be disinfected every now and then.

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