When is Black Friday 2022?

The arrival of November also brings one of the favorite days for fans of the products shown and bargains generally. This is Black Friday, one of the days with the biggest business each year, as stores are filled with deals to suit all tastes, from clothes and shoes to tech and home appliances.

This important date in the buyers calendar is not new: Born in the United States In the sixties to open the season Christmas shopping And over time, it became popular and spread all over the world, even reaching our country. In fact, now it has come to the Internet and there are many who choose this method of online shopping to avoid the usual avalanches of customers who come to the stores.

But how did Black Friday originate? What does it consist of and when is this year 2022 celebrated?

What is black friday

Black Friday, also known as “Black Friday”, is closely related to the celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States. Its name comes from a widespread practice in stores, where losses were recorded with a red pen and profits with a black pen.

And so, during the sixties and with intent Increase purchases in small businesses Just a month before the Christmas holidays, this practice was established, which allowed to get some products at affordable prices. The popularity of this celebration allowed it to spread to other countries, and today, both large chains and small businesses are joining in this practice to increase their profits.

When is the celebration of White Friday 2022?

Since its inception, Black Friday has always been last friday of november, 24 hours after the designated Thanksgiving Day celebration in the United States. In 2022, the date on which the famous “Black Friday” will take place will be the next day Friday 25 November.

However, although it originally only lasted for one day, the fame it has gained over time has made this day last several days, joining the well-known Cyber ​​Monday, which is celebrated on the following Monday. In fact, some stores start offering discounts from the beginning of that week, both physically and online.

Since when is it celebrated in Spain?

In Spain, Black Friday was introduced only a decade ago. It was in 2011 when the regulations for the organization of promotions and sales periods were changed, allowing this event to start in our country as well, with visible results.

This 2022 online spending is expected to grow by as much as 25%, according to data from the “Black Friday 2022 Report,” implemented by Webloyalty. In addition, buyers will increase significantly, up to 18% more, and their average purchase cost is expected to be €160.

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