What to do this week in Madrid: Design Market, ‘Plácido’ at Filmoteca, Sr Chinarro’s Concert or Children’s Christmas at Serrería Belga

Sale for charity. design market

Christmas is synonymous with markets and therefore, the design market cannot miss out on these dates Lend a telegram to those of us who hold off on gift-buying at the last minute. Throughout the Christmas season, Plaza de Azca hosts proposals for Up to 70 emerging designers of fashion, footwear, decor, toys, art or illustration. As in all of its releases, there is a gastronomic area and a musical program that includes concerts by Bigott, Menend, Amor Botano, Mamita Papaya and Nuve Disconocidos. In addition, in this Christmas version, the market has activities for children, an inflatable amusement park and dance fairs.

childish. “The Pit of a Thousand Demons”

Save the world from the drought demon. This is the task of Jacinta, the hero of this work for a family audience that we can see in Spanish ships. To achieve this, she will have to overcome endless obstacles and face all kinds of enemies, but fortunately she will also have the help of great friends who will help her recover the jug containing the water of life. Overcoming this challenge will allow her to learn about herself and grow, while making us enjoy her imaginative world. The work is based on a Mexican text Maribel Carrasco, written more than thirty years ago, combines dance, theater and modern technologies. the Carlick Dance and Theater Company He is responsible for bringing it to Spain for the first time, under supervision Christina de Silvera.

How much do we know about the brain? This organ, which regulates a large part of the body’s functions, continues to generate a large number of unknowns precisely because of the complexity of its operations. The exhibition opens this week Telephone Enterprise Space It focuses on how art, science, and philosophy speak of it, and tracing Journey through nearly 200 pieces – including some immersive combinations – Which deals from the anatomical study to complex aspects such as consciousness, imagination or dreams. Of course, one of the most discussed topics in recent weeks, artificial intelligence, is also present at the fair, and it is a progress that poses important challenges for us now and in the future.

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childish. Christmas in the Belgian sawmill

the The cultural space of the Belgian publicationIt is located where it was before Medialab Prado, prepared the most complete Christmas program for fans of all ages. In the yard there will be a Possibility One of the games through which attendance They will meet characters who entered history through their imagination overflowing. A. is waiting for us in the canteen Food tasting workshop for Learn Christmas recipes In a pleasant way, while you are in the Auditorium, there will be concerts of the Scalofrini Family Company – always ready to make us shiver with laughter with their terrible songs – La Fantástica Banda, Educa Pop, Funky Topo Trio – which will provide the soundtrack for two animated films – and the show flamenco kidswhich brings the art of flamenco closer to the little ones.

Exhibition. Antonio Alvarado. Baja Couture

It has been associated since its beginnings with Madrid Movida Known for decorating the most important musical figures of the time, such as Fabio McNamara, Alaska, Meccano or Tino Casal, the exposure that Antonio Alvarado deserved has reached Fashion Museum. This sample collects more than 500 pcs Designer, National Fashion Design Award in 2021, who chooses to experiment and surprise, always accompanied by exquisite technology. In addition to music, Alvarado has collaborated on several films by Pedro Almodóvar, as well as with artists such as Costus or Ceessepe, and designed stage costumes for programs such as crystal ball.

from two months Antonio Lockebetter known as Father Chinaro, has published his latest work, reality showwhich is shown today in Count Duke Within the framework of the Christmas program of the capital. master number indie Homeland, throughout his three-decade career, Luque hasn’t stopped publishing albums regularly, sticking his lyrics to the present and showing his more honest and critical side. For this album, in which we find songs that talk about the passage of time, the apps To flirt or not make ends meet, he surrounded himself with a revamped band, made up of musicians who had played with Mishima, Alize or Christina Rosenving.

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childish. Christmas family special

lit home She launches her own Christmas program, which includes four original proposals for boys and girls to have fun while learning and thinking about different topics. lovethe piece by the Teatro Lavona, would ask them to think about it Biodiversity and respect for animals; Architect, mediator, and space designer Sarah San Gregorio will install a series of patio sets for kids ages 0 to 5. Play freely; the Afrobeat D’Coffee would put us all this way to dance And to better deal with the Christmas hangover after their epiphany, they scheduled a séance Play shorts And how they activate our imagination when we communicate with them.

If one of the most prevalent traditions around these dates is to be seated Watch classic Christmas moviesAnd the calm It cannot be left off the list. the Movie library It was programmed in one of its last sessions of the year so that we might, once again, remember that famous campaign of Poor man feels at his table and the brazen boasting of rich families who set out on it to clear their consciences on Christmas Eve. Poor Plácido, hired to advertise the campaign around town on his motorbike, goes from place to place trying to raise the money he needs to pay the car bill, his main business tool. with text Rafael Azconathis comedy about Lack of communication and solidarity of the dough Which often come at Christmas, earned Berlanga nomination for Oscar.

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