What to do in Madrid this week: Dark and fun with Day of the Dead, witches and feminists, Turkish shades of “The Exorcist” and Chinese

Mexican tradition day of the dead It is generating more and more interest in the capital, massacres and exhibitions about this celebration spread in the cultural centers of Madrid. The Casa de México has opened its amazing place altar of the dead Now it is the Fernán Gómez Cultural Center for the Villa, which is opening an exhibition commemorating this day and also 45 years of bilateral relations between Mexico and Spain. Reunion consists in An installation that combines various elements associated with this festivity, such as cempasúchil flowers, papel picado, skulls, or offerings that invite the soul to travel from the world of the dead to the world of the living. Admission is free and there are guided tours for those who want to delve deeper into Day of the Dead. In addition, on weekends there will be activities for the little ones to get to know them better.

2nd International Women’s Forum on Witch Hunting

Feminists have long claimed that the character of the witch has recently begun to be studied with interest. The activist and professor was one of the main promoters of all this Silvia Federiciwhich was published in 2004 Caliban and the witcha basic book looking at how to do it Accusations of witchcraft were a tool for disciplining and controlling women’s bodies between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries.. This meeting is held with a view to Recovering the memory of the persecuted and murdered women after being accused of practicing witchcraft It consists of several days in which activities of all kinds. Among the most interesting round tables that will be held in Reina Sofia Museum and in which The phenomenon of witch hunts will be approximated to the present day, He linked it to the criminalization suffered by women in the anti-extractive and advocacy movements in Latin America and India.

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lit house just opened Death related video installationJust in time to celebrate Halloween. It’s a Thai artist’s work Korakrit Arunondchai Reflects how stories and the art of telling them can be The thread connects life and death. Through images from different times and places in the world – from the funeral rituals of his grandfather, who died of Covid-19, to the Jeju massacre, which occurred in the mid-20th century – Arunanondchai creates College Visible has a ghost character as the protagonist. This exhibition ends the cycle Gorgeous on the insidewhich began at the beginning of the year and showed us an intimate account of life, from childhood to adulthood and now reaching its final end: death.

Nothing like a good movie rubbish, destroy, destroy To celebrate Halloween as it deserves. The Peace Cinema On Saturday he proposes to us a session of “bad cinema” organized by the festival officials chapecon and distributor Trash or Ramathat will be checked seitanKnown as “the Turkish version of Exorcist& rdquo;. And when we say copy, we mean that its director portrayed the classic horror film rudely, but also humorously. William Friedkin. A remastered version of this bizarrely fabricated new version will be shown at Saturday’s session, and will allow for public commentary (in fact, more than welcome) throughout the event.

Cloudy 40º25´37.6´N3º42´42.1´W´

the artist Edwin Rubio s Marie Sherry Collaborate on this scenic piece to convey the landscape – changing, shaped by geology and climate – within the theater and make us part of the experience. to cloud It took its name from the rural areas of Spain where, until a few decades ago, its inhabitants spoke directly to the sky when trying to chase a storm. The landscape will envelop viewers of the piece, who will see how little by little the valley in which they find themselves begins to change, placing them in a privileged position to observe phenomena of nature, both strange and wonderful in equal measure.

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Finding baby birds

A barking dog or a flapping bird are among the easiest shades to create with your own hands. What would we be able to do if they left us some paper and scissors? This workshop is led by Madrid company TÍTUR (Urgent Puppet Theatre) Calls boys and girls from the age of eight Create their own silhouettes to tell storiesand drop it on the wall. To inspire the participants, a game will be proposed and a story will be told through these shadows that will inspire them to start work.

“A Journey into La Lune”

The Contemporary Music Bands Festival Film Maker Honors This Sunday George MehlisAnd the Prankster and pioneer of great cinemaHe is considered the father of special effects. Journey to the moon, from 1902, was his first film, a work that left us with the iconic image of the moon with a rocket fixed in its eye and this testifies to the playful and experimental spirit of the French director. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Encuentros del 72, which was held in Pamplona where five films by Millier were shown. OCAZEnigma in Zaragoza will be in charge of this matter Musical tribute to the directorMusic explicitly composed for this project will accompany the viewing.

Vanessa Montfort s Mary Smith Bring to the stage a great story Julia Tofanaa professional poisoner and serial killer, who killed 600 men in the 17th century using a The untraceable format known as water devotion. This deadly formula has been passed down through three generations of women They gave their poison to other women who found a way out of cruel or unwanted marriages by widowhood They lived trapped in it, at a time when divorce was not far off. This play, with only four performers, focuses on the investigative trial of Julia, her mother Theofania, and her daughter, Girolama. On November 10, after the show, there will be a discussion with the author, the play director and the doctor in organic chemistry Helen Island.

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