What should you do if you have a damaged ticket?

It is the characteristics that tickets durability in its manufacture. However, despite Quality and resistanceOther factors, such as the passage of time or some unexpected event, also influence. For this reason, the Bank of Spain informs how to act in the event of a banknote deteriorated.

What if the bill is marked against theft?

As the entity points out, we can find tickets stained with ink by Activate anti-theft systems from automated teller machines.

In these cases, Banco de España recommends that, given the suspicion that the banknote came from an anti-theft device, You don’t have to accept it and you should ask them to change it to another.

In addition, Gemma Ortega, of the Banknote Analysis Unit, recalls that if these banknotes exist, the Bank of Spain He won’t change them. The same goes for intentionally damaged funds.

Characteristics of euro banknotes

Euro banknotes have special properties that resist the passage of time. Made of 100% cotton fiber. Small bills, which are the most common, are covered by a special varnish “Protect them from dirt or deterioration.”

According to the Bank of Spain, cash is still the most used form of payment, especially for small purchases.

The 2022 Monetary Habits Study Report, published in October last year and carried out by Ipsos, confirms that cash is the means of payment. Most often used Followed by cards and portable devices (cell phones, watches). The report shows that cash is a universal form of payment used by almost the entire population, with 3 out of 5 people using it on a daily basis.

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