What pension will suit me if I have only contributed for 15 years?

If we collect General pension subject to contributions Complete has to be transferred 36 years. However, the said contribution can also be accessed if we access minimumwhat are they 15 yearsAlthough it is clear that the conditions are not the same.

To find out amount Which we will get, the regulatory norm must be taken into account, for which s is calculatedDetermine the contribution bases over the past twenty-five years (300 months). And with this amount received, it will be due The denominator was applied to 350.

However, there are some cases where said time is so short, that it is Not enough for a pension. In these cases, there is a possibility to request financial support.

If the specified amount is less than the minimum pension, then it will have to be supplemented by the so-called supplement to the minimum until the specified amount is reached. However, this right is not recognized for all beneficiaries, but only for those who prove that they do not receive an income below the specified limit each year. Specifically, by 2022 that limit 7939 euros per year In case One person unit without a spouse Charge, while the amount stopped at 9260 euros Annual in the case of a dependent spouse, in which case the incomes of both the pensioner and his wife are added.

What requirements do I have to meet to receive the pension?

According to the Article 205 of the General Social Security LawThe worker is entitled to a retirement pension when he proves that he has contributed at least 15 years or 5475 days. In addition, two of those years must be within the 15 years before retirement.

With this time, A.J 50% discount To the regulatory base, generally increased by a 0.19% For each month more quoted than those 15 years, up to the 36 years that generate 100% of the basis in 2023. That’s why the amount people who don’t exceed 5475 a day get paid will be so low, sometimes they’ll be able to be less than the minimum pension.

Finally, it is possible that even with the collection of a pension below the minimum with an allowance, the minimum pension is not reached. However, for this scenario there is one last option, ask for pCare oriented entity. Aid of a “non-contributory” nature governed by their respective competent bodies Autonomy.

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