What number to buy the Christmas Lottery | How to find my favorite christmas lottery number 2022

There is little left for him An unusual Christmas lottery draw It illuminates the lives of a large number of people in Spain and even abroad, for those One-tenth of traveling with someone who visits the country Or shipments to the Spaniards residing in other parts of the planet. Christmas lottery numbers can be purchased at Departmental summer, licensed points of sale, in analog and digital and also in the headquarters of all groups that play a number to divide it into shares. On December 22nd, the numbers that correspond to Gordo, second, third, fortieth, and eight-fifths will be known, as well as the rest of the minor bonuses. Everyone aspires to get back the investment, and of course real luck knocks on the door in the form of a great prize.

at this time of year, A large part of the population has bought few tickets; That constant number that is played every year as a family, one at work, one at the bar in the corner Or the one that sells children’s basketball kits. In addition, a Christmas lottery has already been announced, which touches the hearts of the public every year. However, there is always room for last minute buying; Sometimes, the impulse is to find a specific number, for sentimental reasons, and that number is not easy to find, nor is it necessarily on hand.

You have to look well. Find out where they are sold and try to get your hands on it, either by purchasing online or booking by phone with subsequent delivery; In this case, this must be done in sufficient time to complete the transaction before the withdrawal. The search engine points out that the pursuit really depends on each person and their degree of interest in getting that specific tithe. It should be borne in mind that at this point there are many numbers already fully distributed, or not available because they have been reserved in a certain way. Of course, the worst attempt is the one that is not made.


The numbers offered for sale in 2022

This year, the state lottery and gambling games went on sale 180 million tenths. In total, 180 series (eight more than last year) of 100,000 numbers each will be responsible for spreading this illusion, joy and hope to the Spanish people. On the 22nd of December, 2,520 million euros in Awards They will bring good luck to many homes across the country.

It’s been over 200 years, but you sure don’t know everything about the Christmas lottery. Obviously, many draws have created a long list of Anecdotes and curiosities About this day that everyone has been waiting for. Although you already know the simplest thing, that only by participating you can be one of the winners of El Gordo, and that all players have the same probability of being petted by Goddess Luck on December 22nd.

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Knowing that, you can relax, because maybe the kids of San Ildefonso will be singing your number in 2022. But there are sure to be some things you didn’t know about those numbers, especially with the tens.

Favorite numbers in 2022

In the case of this year passed 2022 series of events This leads those obsessed with numbers to think they should buy tenths with these combinations. They are as follows:

  • – The 24222The day the Russian invasion of Ukraine began (February 24, 2022).

  • – The 18122which is the date that symbolizes the World Cup Final in Qatar (December 18, 2022).

  • – The 28522which is the date on which Real Madrid lifted the fourteenth Champions League (May 28, 2022).

  • – The 11922The date on which Spanish tennis player Carlos Alcaraz won the US Open (September 11, 2022).

  • – The 15922The day Roger Federer said goodbye to professional tennis (September 15, 2022).

  • – The 08922 (U. 80922), two numbers indicating the death of Queen Elizabeth II (September 8, 2022).

  • – The 14522Chanel’s unexpected third place at Eurovision, represented by 14,522.

  • – The 20422the date masks are no longer mandatory (April 20, 2022).

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