What is the set of Gordos that Doña Manolita distributed in the Christmas lottery?

There is very little left for the Christmas lottery to take place, as on Thursday, December 22, Teatro Real Madrid will host the celebration of the long-awaited event. This year a total of 172 million of ten is available A total of 2408 million euros will be distributed.

One of the most famous departments is management Mrs. ManolettaWell, he distributed Fat, In just over a century, more than 76 times. His first business was a cigarette shop on the emblematic Calle Hortaleza in Madrid, and later, he opened Management Office No. 67 on Calle San Bernardo. Soon he started handing out awards, which helped him gain fame and expand the business.

The legacy and longlines continue, although they are now made in Calle Del Carmen 22, They continue to shape and be a part of the history of the lottery in this country. Mrs. Manolita is pregnant 117 spread luck In Madrid, so long a three-hour wait for even those who decide to pick it up for their favorite tenth is not surprising.

The 76 Grand Awards of Donna Manoletta

The last time he was lucky to distribute it was in one of the most difficult years for the Spaniards, 2020. It was a lucky number 72897 and management He only sold one ticket. a year ago , in 2019, hand out Gordo’s, Second, Third, Fourth and Triple Fifth Christmas prizes; In addition, he was also lucky with the exceptional pull of “El Niño”.

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From Doña Manolita’s own records, we must remember this in 2018 He ran out of tenths One day before the Christmas draw, for the first time in its entire history. In addition, in 2017 he managed to be crowned with a title Management that distributed the most awards in the same year.

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You can follow Live draw on our page and check in real time if you are one of the winners our lab. It’s a lottery that brings with it Rituals and superstitions for most players.

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