What is the most adopted dog in Spain?

Every day, there are more people who decide to incorporate a new animal friend into their home. The dog, always called “man’s best friend”, occupies a very special place in many Spanish homes, and finally a large majority have realized that it is better to adopt these animals, to give them a new life after being abandoned or abused, than to buy them.

thus, Podencos are one of the most popular dog breeds adopted in Spain (along with greyhounds), Since they became hunting dogs, many of them suffer abandonment when they cease to be used for hunting or when they reach an advanced age. Another important reason is that podencos have a very friendly, playful, and loyal personality.

Although there are different types of hounds throughout the Spanish geography, All of them are distinguished by an excellent sense of smell, vision, as well as highly developed hearing. All this makes him a great hunter. As for the superficial, they usually have a stylized appearance, small eyes, pointed ears, and an elongated nose.

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We find different types of bodenco in the Iberian Peninsula: Andalusian, Ibizan, Portuguese, Pharaoh, Cernico del Etna and the Canary Dog. The latter is native to the islands. Usually a file A cheerful personality and usually loyal. They are dogs that have a lot of energy and intelligence, which makes them stubborn.

The above characteristics make the pudenko a great hunting helper, but it is also a friendly and loyal pet, which is why it has become so popular. An ideal dog for treatments. With its affectionate, submissive nature and fierce loyalty to its owner, the Budenko has been used extensively for years For this business whose gentle, calm, intuitive and collaborative temperament ends up making a difference.

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