What is the minimum that must be declared if I have two or more payers?

Otherwise it can Receive significant penalties or lose the option to receive benefitsin the event that they do agree with you, there is a situation known as a “returned” declaration by the IRS.

One of the main conditions depends on the exact amount of money obtained or available for it Income, wages or assetsalthough it also affects Related expenses, discounts or rebates.

And so, I determined the IRS Two basic limits that he adheres to in presenting the income statementwhich relates to the number of income payers from where the income comes from and how much.

How much should I include on the income statement if I have two or more payers?

This question, like everything related to the income statement, is included in Law No. 35 of 2006 regarding personal income tax And the partial amendment of laws related to corporate taxes and the income and wealth of non-residents. Specifically, it is set forth in Chapter I, Section J, ‘Article 96. Obligation to declare“.

At this point, Sections 1 and 2 indicate that all taxpayers must file an income statement in accordance with the general requirements except for those who have “entire income from work, up to a maximum of €22,000 per year“, among others. This means that with a payer, if this amount is not reached in 2022 You don’t need to do this.

He goes on to specify the following, in point 3, Section A): “The limit referred to in letter A) of Section 2 above will be 15,000 euros For taxpayers who receive full income from work in the following cases: a) When they come from more than one motive».

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If we translate these words into a more practical meaning, then by this point of law it is established that, If there are two or more motives In the previous fiscal year, the taxpayer You are not required to declare your income if it does not amount to €15,000 of these two or more.

So, if you had one payer in 2022 and earned more than €22,000 or that amount, or you had two or more payers and earned €15,000 or more, You are obligated to submit income statement in this year 2023.

It should be noted that as a novelty in this year’s income campaign, The range of the amount she has to declare to the Treasury with two or more payers has been extendedWell, last year it was 14,000 euros and 15,000 this year.

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