What is known about Putin’s health? From Parkinson’s disease to pancreatic cancer, these are all the diseases you can get

The health of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been the source of many rumors for years, but once the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, these rumors intensified, especially after the publication of videos in which he was allegedly seen shivering. It was even reported The president is followed by a team of doctorsHe is 70 years old and supervises him.

The latest information about Putin’s health comes from emails from a Russian intelligence source that British media outlet The Sun has access to. This information will reveal about the Russian President He suffers from both early stage Parkinson’s disease and pancreatic cancer.

“I can confirm that you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in its early stages, but it is already progressing,” the email read. “This fact will be denied in every possible way and hidden.” “Put it in Regularly receives all kinds of steroids and injections Analgesic solutions to stop the spread of recently diagnosed pancreatic cancer.

The emails state that Pancreatic cancer has spread now for other parts of your body. The source added that “Putin suffers from facial swelling and other side effects, including memory lapses.” It included that “in his close circle, there are rumors that in addition to the gradually spreading pancreatic cancer, Putin also has prostate cancer.”

But speculation about the health of the Russian leader goes back years. These are some of the more prevalent ones:

October 2012: The Kremlin has denied an imminent surgery after a hang glider crash.

On November 4, 2012The Kremlin suppresses images of Putin limping. Russian outlet Proekt claimed that Putin was heavily wearing a corset and restraints, or even skipped, wearing them while seated due to the possibility of this happening. back problems. The outlet quoted Russian officials, who were not named by the source.

Between 2016 and 2017: at least Putin was accompanied by five doctors wherever he was. Proekt found that Putin was regularly accompanied by at least five doctors in these years, a number that would later rise to 13. Among them were an ear, nose and throat doctor, an infectious disease specialist and a neurosurgeon.

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November 2016: Putin disappears for Possible back surgery.

Between August 8-16, 2017: The president disappeared from public life to be treated by oncologist and surgeon Yevgeny Silivanov, a thyroid cancer specialist, Proekt reported. The newspaper reported that Silivanov joined Putin’s medical delegation, and traveled to his site 35 times in four years.

Autumn 2021: Covid-19 self-isolation mania. An outbreak of illness among presidential staff in September last year led Putin to self-isolation for two weeks. Ten days later, he denied having any health problems after he was seen coughing during a televised interview.

Soon after, the New York Times reported that Putin was imposing increasingly strict isolation measures on anyone he saw face to face, including isolation for two weeks prior, and requiring passage through a disinfectant tunnel. in February 2022When world leaders asked him not to invade Ukraine, Putin personally held his meetings at an unusually long table, as happened with the French president, in order to avoid contagion.

April 2022Photos of Putin’s meeting with his defense minister on April 21 showed the president Grips the edge of the table. Besides her bloated appearance, the video has sparked a number of speculations, none of which have been confirmed, but rumors have indicated that she suffers from the aftereffects. Steroid treatment or Parkinson’s disease.

May 2022: “New Lines” has obtained a recording of an unidentified few Russian rulers saying that Putin He is very sick with leukemia.. The oligarch, who did not know he was being recorded, criticized Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, saying that “we all expect” him to die and that “the problem is in his head”.

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May 2022Director Oliver Stone, who has interviewed Putin on several occasions, stated that President He had cancer, but he was cured. “Remember that Putin had cancer and I think he beat it. The Oscar-winning director explained that he was also isolated due to Covid.

May 9: Pictures of the Russian leader appeared Shaking in the Victory Day Parade From Russia while her legs were covered with a heavy blanket. Earlier in the day, the President appeared to be limping as he walked to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

May 14: The head of Ukraine’s military intelligence confirmed that Putin is “extremely ill” and that a coup is taking place. Kirillo Budanov told “Sky News” that plans to overthrow Putin are underway inside Russia, and that the 69-year-old was present. “Very bad physical and psychological condition and very sick”.

May 18: The former head of Britain’s MI6 spy agency, Richard Dearlove, noted in a podcast that Putin is suffering from a long-term illness, saying that he will “be gone” by the end of the year, and will stick to “the sanatorium, where are you going out?”

In an interview with British broadcaster LBC, Christopher Steele, the former head of the Russian MI6 bureau, said that Putin ‘increasingly ill’so much so that it affects his leadership in the Kremlin and the conduct of the war in Ukraine.

May 24– The head of Ukrainian intelligence doubled down on Putin’s claims about illness, but said he had “a few more years”. “He has several serious illnesses, one of which is cancer.”Budanov said. But it is not worth waiting for Putin to die tomorrow. “He is at least a few years older than him,” he added.

May 29: Russian Foreign Minister He denies that Putin is sick. “President Vladimir Putin appears in public every day. You can see him on television and read and listen to his speeches,” Sergey Lavrov told France’s TF1 network, according to the Russian news agency TASS. “I don’t think any reasonable person would suspect any signs of illness or disease in this man,” he added.

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June 2022: Newsweek, citing its sources, reported that a classified report of the US intelligence indicated that Putin He underwent cancer treatment in April. The magazine quoted three intelligence officials: one in the office of the Director of National Intelligence, a retired senior officer from the Air Force, and another from the Defense Intelligence Agency.

July 2022: A spokesman for the US National Security Council quickly denied the report published by “Newsweek”. Moreover, William Burns, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said in July that Putin was in good health.

July 2022Mike Meyer, MD, a neurologist in New York, told Novaya Gazeta’s Russian columnist Yulia Latynina. And theCancer prevalent among men in the post-Soviet period From Putin’s age and social class, most of them follow an unhealthy diet. However, even if he is seriously ill, this does not mean that Putin will die soon. “It doesn’t look like someone will die tomorrow,” Merer said.

October 2022: Telegram channel SVR claimed it Putin complained of pain before crucial meetingss. “(Putin) complained of pain in his abdominal cavity that could not be stopped quickly, and he held the meeting by leaning forward trying to maintain a normal posture,” the source said.

Putin also met Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko and was reportedly in pain, with footage showing Putin leaning forward and fidgeting with his hands.

Telegram went on to say that Putin’s state of health determines the key decisions he makes on the conflict in Ukraine. They noted that “Putin’s oncology is advancing, and despite adequate treatment in recent times, the pain has not always completely subsided.”

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