What is inquiry and how to avoid it

the squatting It is one of the problems that worry many owners who have an empty house. However, there is a new method when it comes to property rape: it they.

As its name indicates, the concept comes from a mixture of terms “tenant” and “squatting”. As the Arrenta insurance brokerage points out on its blog, an inquest is when a tenant stops paying rent on the grounds of impairment and continues to live in it.

The Penal Code defines squatters as persons who are “with violence or intimidation In people I occupy an immovable thing or usurp an immovable right of another. Thus, a distinction is made between trespassing and squatting.

What is the inquiry?

In case of enquiry, the tenant fEnter the house legallyhe, with a contract and with some obligations to fulfill. When someone alleges economic or social weakness in order not to pay rent and resorts to that situation to demand that they not be evicted, it becomes an investigation.

This way, the home continues to generate maintenance costs, however The tenant does not pay the corresponding part Such as supplies or monthly payments. According to Renta, the real problem arises at the tenant Your problem cannot be proven. Tenants usually stop paying a month or two after they move in.

For this reason, the brokerage explains that it is necessary to distinguish between tenants who are in a situation of vulnerability and the landlord receives compensation and those who claim this situation to request a suspension of eviction, They don’t owe it and spend months or years living fraudulently.

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What do you do in case of an inquiry?

According to Ocu, it is a new concept that has arisen due to the economic crisis Job insecurity or the effects of an epidemic. Consumers point out that the vulnerable must be protected however “Not at the expense of the owners, who are sometimes just as weak.”. For this reason, on his website, he details 10 tips that work to prevent this situation.

  • Find a proven tenant

  • Review the files of the delinquents, if they are included

  • Set an affordable rent and use a balanced lease

  • They demanded the guarantees provided by law: bonds, personal guarantors …

  • Inform and insist on default

  • Notify non-payment of income insurance, if you have it, so they can claim the money

  • If still not paid, send Burofax with acknowledgment of receipt and endorsement of text specifying all data

  • If the tenant does not respond, take him or her to court to request an eviction and claim the accumulated debt

Although there are options for prevent inquiryof the Association of Persons Affected by Occupation, demand action and criticize delays in expulsions of individuals.

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