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Panic is spreading on Twitter, the social network that in recent years has been a kind of public agora. Rumors of a possible closure, based on the vicissitudes of the new owner, Elon Musk, and the recent dismissal (and resignation) of thousands of engineers, have led many users to ponder how to deal with the eventual end of this social network.

Specifically, questions abound about how they can rescue the information they uploaded to the platform before it’s too late or if there is an option to keep followers closed and then reopen.

1. How to download history

Twitter allows you to download all the activities that take place on the social network. To do this, the user must enter their account and click on Settings and Support, then Settings and privacy. Once there, the platform offers the option to download a file with your data. After the second verification is requested from the user, the request is logged. Twitter promises to send the data, though it says “it may take 24 hours or more.”

The problem is that this service, as many users complain, works erratically. One of them, for example, says he’s asked for it four times in the last seven days, without any success.

For his part, Elon Musk confirmed that the work of his new company will continue as before and that those who wish to restore their records will be able to do so.

2. How to delete direct messages

One of the issues that causes the most anxiety among users is what happens to their direct messages. This is what is called those that are exchanged with users who follow each other, as an instant messaging system, to distinguish them from those that are posted on the social network in full view of the entire community.

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Twitter offers the option to delete direct messages from a conversation history with another user, but it makes it clear that the conversation will only be deleted from the inbox itself. “Other people in the conversation will be able to see it,” it was explained. To do that, just click on the conversation and choose the option to delete the conversation.

It was also published by the media such as the edge also TechcrunchDirect messages are not deleted in the literal sense. Both posts three years ago echoed that messages deleted by users were still in the company’s possession years later.

3. Can followers be exported to other platforms?

What is said on Twitter stays on Twitter. Some users, especially those who are adding more followers, are worried about what will happen to their account if the platform is suddenly shut down. In the event that he later works again, will he retain his followers? Is there a way to export these contacts and transfer them to another social network?

The answer is no. If the account is locked out, you can set up another account starting from scratch. It is not known what would happen if one day Twitter closed (accidentally or by a system failure) and reopened another, although in this case it would be normal for everything to continue working as it was before the blackout. In any case, followers cannot be exported to another platform.

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