What drives a mother to kill her children? Emily Roskowitz explores the mystery

The North American author has had a hit with the film Idaho, which won one of the world’s greatest literary awards

In an idyllic setting, on the slope of a mighty mountain in Idaho, a woman and her daughters brandish an ax, ending the life of the youngest in the presence of the oldest. The scene sparked Anne, the husband’s second wife, who is left alone after the tragedy because the witness has disappeared without a trace and the woman is serving a life sentence. The man loses his memory destroyed by Alzheimer’s disease and Anne becomes a kind of investigator for this terrible feat. Why did he do this?

This intriguing start is an engine Idaho Random House Literature is the first North American novel Emily Roskovicwhich although it seems to be governed by rules excitement It actually sends the reader to another area, that of A psychological abyss of inexplicable actions. The work in 2019 received a Dublin International Prize for Literatureone of the best and most well-known genres, has been chosen by libraries around the world, bringing this newcomer, then 33 years old, to the authors of the stature of a Nobel laureate. Orhan PamukAnd the Michelle Welbeck also Javier Mariasobtained in previous editions.

emotional geography

From her refuge in the mountains of Montana, not much different from that in her native Idaho, where she lives with her husband, who is also a writer, and their two daughters, the author, on the Internet, asserts that a novel like Idaho I can only write it using a file Geography is very close and emotionally familiar Like that, where human misery is equated with the cruel laws of the wild animals of the place. “I wanted it to be a specific story but that’s exactly why I think it embodies a certain universality.”

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When Roskovic was a child, in a deep rural setting, the daily commute to school took more than an hour, and tent stays amid nature was the order of the day. From those times The origin of the novel who has been with her for years. I was cutting logs with my family and suddenly I realized that tragedy had occurred in that lost and remote place. Specifically, that a mother killed a child there. This extreme feeling, which I had never felt again in my life and which then struck me, became for me an insoluble problem that compelled me to write this novel, explains the author, emphasizing the idea that it is nothing, ‘but nothing. can not be explained.

thorny issue

She says that taking up such a thorny topic as that of criminal motherhood when the author had not yet given birth to her two daughters, who arrived soon after—today they are four and two years old—cannot be interpreted as a form of exorcism from potential fears. “I was sure that I would be a mother all my life And after I had daughters, it didn’t change my thoughts about the horror of the book. Although being a mother has changed me in different ways, I’m sure writing the book wouldn’t have changed had I been with my daughters. However, he is well aware that it is a topic that can generate rejection among readers and is not recommended by everyone: “However, I know that there are readers who have had a terrible experience and it has helped them. A woman whose brother had disappeared with tears in her eyes approached me and told me that she was very relieved to lose track of the couple’s eldest daughter To her, it is as if an aspect of the novel turned her experience into reality.

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Why did he do this? The million-dollar question fuels the great mystery of the book, a black hole running through its pages. “How do you look at her? You will never find a reason to kill a sonRoskovic explains that searching for him understates the gravity of what happened. A killer who is briefly insane or overwhelmed by the circumstances of motherhood and her life as a married couple are just the details of the mystery. “I would actually say It is not clear what happened and this is the most disturbing. In fact, it comes to an idea I’ve had many times: How easy it is to destroy your life in a second, and in most cases, there is no apparent reason why it’s happening.

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