What do they like and why don’t they rip them off?

In the wake of the complaint filed by the US and Canadian governments regarding last Thursday’s alleged sighting Observation balloon of Chinese origin Department of Defense The United States confirmed Friday night that it had spotted a second balloon overhead latin america . Although the spokes Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs He tried to reduce the resulting tension by explaining that it was a “civilian aircraft used for scientific, especially meteorological purposes”, according to the government Joe Biden He called the action “irresponsible”.

The first known use of this technique for military purposes For which there is evidence of dates from 1794during the French Revolutionary Wars. However, these devices have come a long way since then.

What materials are they made of?

according to Canadian Space Agency (ACS) These balloons are usually of a Very thin plasticare filled with it heliumas with traditional hot air balloons, and you have a basket at the bottom in which you can hold different types of tools as well as a series of solar panels to power the device.

How big are they?

Based on the statements of A.A A senior American official Already retired, these balloons can stretch in the form of an inverted teardrop until it reaches a height similar to that ofThree buses». However, the exact dimensions of the device that entered US soil are not known, although the Senior defense official of the Joe Biden administration admitted that “it was big enough to cause damage in the debris field if we were going to drop it over some area.”

What technology do they use?

These devices are usually equipped with a series of baskets It is located in the lower part of the globe, which can carry a scientific, astronomical or weather forecastIn addition to camerasGPS radars and sensors communication equipment Even swarms of Drones, they point out from the BBC. In addition, these balloons usually contain some Solar Panels that provide them with energy and allow them to be controlled remotely.

How do they move?

Experts estimate that these devices travel at altitudes between 24,000 And 37,000 meters, thus avoiding commercial flights that fly over land at an altitude of 10,000 metres.

On the other hand, as self-propelled guns indicate, these are stratospheric balloons No engine or fuel required And move thanks to action windsalthough they also have their own mobility, which facilitates their recovery.

How long can they stay in the air?

In some cases they can take flights from long timeDays, weeks and even months. For example, World View projectsInc., an Arizona-based company that develops technology for government agencies and NASA, landed 2019 To keep one of his balloons in the air for 32 days.

Why don’t they shoot them?

Although the balloon flew over unpopulated areas, the US military decided not to shoot it down since then, according to A. Senior defense official, “Big enough to cause damage in the debris field if we were to launch it into an area.” However, the concern about General Security It may not be the main reason, because “ideally, you would want to grab it before it hits the ground, thus preventing the electronics inside from shattering,” he explained. Malcolm McDonaldaerospace technology engineer and professor at University of Strathclydein Glasgow (Scotland), in an interview with DW, added: “The Americans will want to prevent this from happening so that they can find out what was on board the device by making Reverse Engineering”. Therefore, they may wait for the balloon to continue its trajectory and reach AtlanticAt the time, according to ABC television, the Pentagon could take advantage of it to bring it down.

How was your career in the United States and South America?

According to reports provided by United States defense officials, the explosive device flew over Aleutian Islands (Alaska) and Canada before continuing through the North American mainland. Specifically, the artifact was seen on Billings, Nevada mountainwhere there are several silos for nuclear weaponsbefore changing course this. Also, according to the Pentagon, on Friday it was on Midwest From the territory it is estimated that it will continue to about North Carolina before reaching Atlantic In the next few days, at which time, according to ABC television, the Pentagon may take the opportunity to try Brush that aside.

Regarding the second hot air balloon, the Pentagon confirmed its presence and confirmed that it was flying over different areas of the city South america. According to local newspapers, on Friday, a balloon was seen flying over areas Colombia And VenezuelaBut there was no confirmation from the governments. finally, ‘Nation’ from Costa Rica It has been published that hundreds of people have seen a white hot balloon in the sky of this country, similar to the balloon over the United States. However, the location of this second balloon has not yet been confirmed.

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