What do I do if I have the wrong phone number when sending Bizum| The most common error when paying with Bizum, how can I fix it?

Bizum was only born five years ago, but in that short period of time this diversion app has become An indispensable tool today All banks were forced to include this Careers in Mobile banking applications.

Today it is no longer necessary to explain what Bizum is and why, but for the small percentage of people for whom the name of this payment service provider still sounds Chinese, we will explain it briefly. Bizum allows you to make mobile payments, practically No need to carry cash in your pocket. The user just has to link his account to his mobile phone number. Once this step is complete, the Bizum function will run in your bank’s app. All you have to do is write or choose the number of the person to whom you want to send or request money, specify the amount, and confirm the operation, a process that depends on the degree of security required by the concerned bank.

But of course it is common use of Bizum to make small payments, either to pay in a small business or pay your portion at a beer gathering or lunch with friends, also cause Common mistakes By uniting this tool colloquially known as “Make a Bizum”.

What are these common errors and how are they resolved?

Obviously, the main mistake lies in Error when dialing a phone number or selecting a name from the address book to make a payment. How can I return? Once the mobile phone appeared Check green previously We cannot cancel the process by ourselves.

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Bizum gives you a file Two possible solutions. The first, most common, is Contact the person to whom the money was sent by mistake and ask them to do Bizum in reverse, refund the money to you. If that formula doesn’t work or isn’t possible, you’ll still have to contact the bank to let you know about the complex options, since payments with Bizum are direct transfers that are charged to the account instantly.

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