“Wednesday”: The Rise of a Gothic Icon by Tim Burton

As a good lover of humor and the macabre, Tim Burton I’ve wanted to play with him for a long time. Addams familyfirst of all some caricatures by Charles Adams The New Yorker, but it was known above all for a 1960s soap opera and a 1990s movie story. It was Burton who was to direct the first film, from a screenplay by his collaborator Carolyn Thompson (Edward Scissorhands) and Larry Wilson (Bitelchus), but by the time the project started, I was already busy Batman returns. and animated film Stop motion announced in 2010 did not come to fruition.

with serial Wednesday (Netflix, from next Wednesday, of course), which he developed himself Alfred Gough and Miles Miller (tandem Smallville), Burton pulls out the fork and amuses himself by imagining the adventures of the teens on Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) at Nunca Más boarding school, where he met his parents, eternally in love with Gómez (Luis Guzman) and Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones).

As in any institute, the social landscape here is divided into distinctly distinct groups, each group with its own aesthetics, morals, and malevolence. As in any other institute, these groups are Fangs (Vampires), Skins (Lycanthropes), Pedroscus (Georgians) and Libra (Mermaids). On Monochrome Wednesday she must share her room with her colorful werewolf friend, K-pop and good gossip Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers): The gossip girl From a strange place

As if dealing with his partner wasn’t enough, Wednesday will have to deal with his psychic powers (lately he’s had visions attacking him like electroconvulsive therapy), solve a series of crimes in the neighboring town of Jericho and discover the murder mysteries he sprinkled on his parents twenty-five years ago. years. His best and unlikely ally is Tyler (Hunter DoohanFrom Your Excellency), a young man whose only strength (not insignificant) is making good coffee as a barista.

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But there is also the director Wims (Gwendolyn ChristieBrian V Game of thrones), whose association with Wed ends up transcending the boundaries of the teacher-student relationship. “It’s something that’s complex and indefinable,” Christie explains to us via video call. “Weems a woman with power and this student forces her to look in the mirror and question her own morals. It’s something that should never have happened to her before. I loved working with Gina Ortega to build this rare relationship between the two of them.”

Wed with new nuances

Some will wonder if after two of these iconic incarnations (the incarnation of Lisa Loring In the original series and Christina Ricci In the movies) it was necessary to activate Wed. Those who have followed the career of Gina Ortega (in series such as Jane the Virgin s You areor movies like Ramificationsthe last Scream s X) I know we’ll soon be talking about a third Gothic icon.

Plus, according to the actress herself, getting eight hours to develop on Wednesday, four of which Burton directed, makes a difference compared to the films. “By spending a lot of time with the character, you can see the variety in expression and emotion,” he explains. Otherwise, everything quickly gets rather boring. She’s no longer just the girl who says cut lines that everyone laughs at. We can observe her thought processes and see how uncomfortable she can sometimes feel.“.

Richie herself stopped by the photo shoot to play Miss Thornhill, the Nunca Más dorm supervisor. But without giving Ortega advice: “We didn’t really talk about Wednesday herself once. We tried to avoid her name. To me, you and I are almost like two different people. After all, we’re talking about him.” Different facts, times and ages“.

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Another person who trusted Ortega’s judgment was Burton. Wednesday is 100 percent Bertonian’s business (which means, thank you, Attend Colin Atwood as a fashion designer), but the author doesn’t have to tune in to the authoritarian. “I remember going to his trailer in the morning to go over the script and telling him what I liked and didn’t like,” says the actress. “I was worried I would feel uncomfortable saying something. I didn’t communicate much with a director. In fact, it was all his idea.”

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