Weather | AEMET warns: Spain will suffer from a NAO pattern in the coming days

The first cold snaps reach the peninsula and Meteorological Statistics Agency (AEMET) has already warned you. Specifically, it did so by warning of a so-called meteorological pattern NAOIt is a climatic phenomenon that occurs in North Atlantic.

An AEMET spokesperson noted that this week will be marked by high pressures at high latitudes, which forces low pressures to move south and facilitates the arrival of Three shifts “at least”. As for temperatures, they will suffer ups and downs, but in general, they will remain at “relatively mild” values, and frost will be limited to high areas.

Many are already wondering what are Effect For this phenomenon, and mainly, some important changes will occur in the temporary climate of our country, although it will affect some regions more than others. One of the first effects that was actually noticed is Drop in temperatures As of last December 1st though in certain places they are still at higher values ​​than would be expected given the dates we are in.

What is NAO?

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It is a meteorological phenomenon high pressures On the The northern area from the peninsula. This translates to cold and dry environments To be created in many areas of the December Bridge or the Constitution Bridge. Moreover, who AEMET Report that, in many cases, it can also be accompanied cry which manifested itself mainly in Southern area From Spain. In these places you will have fun High temperaturesAnother week, higher than normal.

The contrast between north and south

wonderful temperature difference It will lead to a contrast between the northern region and the southern region of the peninsula, which is known as NAO. When winds Crossing the Atlantic Ocean to reach Europe strong, which means cool summers and mild winters. But when those winds die down, so do the temperatures more extreme In both seasons of the year and heat waves In the summer, and frost In winter.

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