“We will be a great nation again”

Donald Trump, the dominant figure in US politics since 2015, is back in the fray. As expected, former President JRun for the presidential elections of 2024two years after his defeat at the polls Joe Biden.

Trump did it Lake sea, his club and private condo on the Florida coast, among moldings and blinds and with a host of unqualified guests. But also while his leadership is among the Republicans Interrogation after the results of the legislative elections Last week, in the midst of his party’s internecine wars and ahead of the conservative rise of Ron DeSantis, the victorious winner of his reelection bid in Florida.

he said in one of his many winks at “Make America Great Again” (“Let’s Make America Great Again”), the slogan with which he launched into politics in the 2015 Republican primary and which gave his name to his movement, MAGA.

“The return of the United States begins today”Trump declared, “adept at the kind of simple message that permeates the voter.” In his declaration he presented a simple but effective picture of the reason for his candidacy: All has gone well with me, all will go well with me again.

“Our country was on the path to an incredible future, because I made great promises to the American people and, unlike other presidents, I kept them,” Trump said in a statement that cannot be separated from the nomination of conservative judges in the United States. Supreme Court he was promised before his victory in 2016. Once in the White House, he delivered and nominated three justices Conservative majority strengthened Among other things, they have rescinded constitutional protections for abortion, which is a major issue in this election.

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Trump gave a perfect description of his turbulent and disastrous presidency of the current United States under Biden, which he called the “pause” between his presidencies.

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