“We have generated a sense of identity and belonging”

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Marcos Sanchez Funcueva, Managing Director of the Valdebebas Compensation Board, explains the latest phase of the urban work that has become a reference

Marcos Sanchez Funcueva, Managing Director of the Valdebebas Compensation Board JC Valdebebas

Valdebebas faces, throughout 2023, the completion of its development, as an example of sustainable urban planning. A full contribution to the city of Madrid, already underway, already experienced on the ground, which Sanchez Funcueva reflects. Sustainability and innovation marked the years of work of the multidisciplinary team that undertook this work in keeping with the 21st century.

– What should be done in the Valdebebas project?

– The action closing the development to the southeast known as Calle 51 is still being finalized. And we’ve already begun the Compensation Board liquidation phase, which will take time, given the size and scale of the property and the data to work with. All in all, we have been working for months on the design and planning of this final phase of the project and we are in a position to confirm that Valdebebas will once again be an example and reference in liquidation management and compensation solution. boards.

– One of the works already completed, which has a particular impact on residents and users, is the Felipe VI agricultural garden. What are the aspects of this natural development?

This is one of the most important works undertaken in the field of development. We offer the city of Madrid a new urban garden paradigm, far from the classical standards and canons in the development of green areas and landscaping projects in the twentieth century. In this sense, we have undertaken a work whose foundation is found for the first time in restoring and re-saturating overlapping spaces, rather than creating new ones based exclusively on design. However, aesthetics have also been looked for in the project and it has been ensured that everything is designed and, of course, all the work carried out during the implementation phase, leads to the immediate enhancement of this new garden. Thus, we have achieved a balanced mix of economic, environmental and aesthetic factors that must complement a procedure of this magnitude, and embody the concept of environmental, economic and social sustainability that any urban project must inevitably consider.

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– an environmental action that has already achieved international recognition …

– In fact, we have obtained (for the first time in Spain) the most important recognition that an urban park can currently achieve: the international SITES certification, whose comprehensive rating system certifies the sustainability, performance and value of the new park that we are introducing to the City of Madrid. Another recognition is that of the neighbors and residents of the project, who, at the time, asked the Compensation Board that we implement this measure, which is why the management team worked for several months with the Madrid City Council in preparing an agreement that would allow the inclusion of the measure in the urbanization project in the area.

What is the contribution of Valdebebas to urbanization?

Valdibas was undoubtedly a benchmark in urban management, in the professionalization of that administration. This has led to results that place Valdebebas as the most sustainable metropolitan area in Spain to date, confirmed by the awarding of the most important international certifications in terms of environment, efficiency, sustainability and urbanization. From the management team, we worked with an architectural and urban concept that thought, planned and executed the construction in relation to the landscape. And with a fundamental difference: the search for reconciliation between urbanization, architecture, engineering and geomorphology. All this, together with the permanent orientation of urban management towards excellence, has allowed developers and builders to recognize the values ​​we have promoted, resulting in unique housing projects with very high levels of quality, developed in the field of this essential symbiosis between architecture and landscape. In any case, the constant search for the involvement of neighbors and residents, and the active participation in the urban project of the intended population. We have generated a sense of identity and belonging.

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