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On Thursday, Pedro Sanchez appeared. He appeared before the esteemed as the great dispenser of gifts and favors. He said something enormous. We Spaniards receive much more from the state than we pay in taxes. naturally. She did not succeed in reproducing the miracle of loaves and fish, but she manages the impotence like a charlatan. In the pandemic, we gave disability to enjoyment because circumstances required it. Now because of the war and later because of the elections, and then… Mr. Sanchez, we don’t just spend what we earn, we spend so much more. We also spend what we borrow. This is why it makes sense that we receive more than we pay. Herein lies the trick. Rough but effective. This time, the amount of help to be given does not reach a scandalous figure. They are “only” 3,000 million, which, given the subject matter to which they are applied, does not seem like an exaggeration. As usual, all that has been announced and promised – we will see if it will also reach the delivery point later – refers to the effects caused by the energy problem, its supply difficulties, and the price hikes set by the market. To talk about his reasons, we will have to wait a little longer, until next week’s European Council. At the moment, we have worked a lot on the gas cap, and from now on we will talk about the price of gas purchases. Not the same. The cap was important to lower the temperature of the electricity price formation system. You already know that our source is marginal, where the source of generation that comes in last and matches supply with demand for electricity – which is the most expensive by definition – is the one that acts as a price reference for all other types. Opinion Related News If Garamendi stands up, the Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui companies should be pampered, because the state is responsible for spending and sustainability, but they are in charge of generation and supply Now it’s a matter of buying it and the European Union intends to pool it to buy and offer low prices to producers. The European position is not unanimous. There are countries that are reluctant to repeat what we did with the Covid vaccines and prefer to maintain the independence of their supplies. There are countries that want to focus on Russia and liberalize the rest of the purchases, and there are those who prefer the centralization of all of them. We’ll see what the agreement is, but it’s a key issue for families’ comfort and businesses’ survival.

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