We came to pay a check for 200,000 euros.

We have made a one-time payment 200,000 euros factor for his late retirement. A strong and blunt statement, but it also hides an important message for the immediate future of the public pension system: the balance of accounts occurs largely because the good handful of Spaniards who leave the labor market each year decide to delay it. Exit in different ways, as the Minister of Integration, Social Security and Immigration slipped, Jose Luis EscriváOn Friday, he confirms that this increase in the real retirement age is one of the main pillars of the recently approved reform and that it will also occupy the government in the coming months.

Presenting the report “Older people, a group unfairly forgotten by brands” prepared by the expert committee of the media “65ymás”, Minister Escrivá gave an account of the first balance, after one year of application, of one of the measures in the first phase of the reform that entered into force in January 2022. There, it is listed as one of the measures it aims to Raise the effective retirement agen (at 64.6 years according to official data) the possibility of taking advantage of delayed retirement by receiving one payment for each year of delay or choosing to have this “bonus” be added into the pension as a supplement.

Specifically, the head of Social Security explained that “a year after the application was submitted, we are already seeing a very important result” with a growth of 65% in the number of people who chose late retirement, noting that checks of 200,000 euros were paid, “although the average was in A check for 30,000 euros To delay retirement by an average of 3 years.

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He also noted that the rate of layoffs to late retirementOf the total number of retirees, which increased to 5.4% compared to the average of previous years, which amounted to 4.7%. “They’re not in huge numbers, but we’re getting better,” he said.

Modifications in partial and deferred retirement

Escrivá also advanced regarding the upcoming amendments in terms of public pensions indicating that there is scope to “work more on Active and partial retirementAfter the government decided to focus in recent years on late retirement incentives.

“You have to look at the relief contract, which can work very well. Concluding the event, some adjustments still need to be made,” the minister said, announcing that there is already a pilot project in this regard, which has been applied to primary care physicians and pediatricians so that they can continue full-time, part-time, and part-time work activity. with an increase in percentage Work compatible pension From 50% to 75%.

The minister is committed to “experimenting” with this kind of initiative “to make sure that this kind of dynamic is clearly positive” and insists that beyond regulatory changes, there is ” culture problem In the corporate sphere”, where top talent is not valued or their jobs are adapted so that they can be prolonged.

Furthermore, I’m wondering at this point what the “wrong” notion is Seniors job It can be replaced by juniors. For Escrivá, this can only be understood “in short-term income statement terms”, as experienced workers should not be laid off to be replaced by young people for economic reasons alone. “It’s a short-sighted exercise,” he said.

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