We are committed to the energy transition through self-consumption

With more than two decades of experience behind it, Capital Energy has become one of the most important renewable energy platforms in the Iberian Peninsula, currently owning a portfolio of wind and solar projects in excess of 25 GW. Through its business plan, the company calls for the promotion of Green and just energy transitionfor which it seeks to reconcile the contribution to the gradual decarbonization of the economy, through the implementation of renewable energies, with the promotion of economic and social development for all regions in which it operates, thanks to the signing of agreements with local administrations, companies and groups and the influence of the tractor that it exercises with its activity.

In this context, Capital Energy, which already has 16 offices in Spain and Portugal where about 360 professionals work, is committed to promoting self-consumption as an additional way to continue transforming the current energy model, promoting a formula that increases efficiency, in line with the goals set by Europe in this field. . It is a proposal that is currently in high demand by the Spanish business sector, which not only faces a general contraction in profitability due to the rise in energy prices and the inability, in many cases, to pass on all this increase to its customers, but also the need to bet on models Increasingly sustainable business.

Efficiency at all levels

Capital Energy, which has more than fifty megawatts of photovoltaic energy in operation and development in Spain, offers personalized energy consulting and decarbonization services that help companies to address this situation in a competitive manner and draws on both the company’s expertise as well as its expertise in the different vectors related to renewable energies. .

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During this process, Capital Energy specialists create a dossier A turnkey plan adapted to the real needs of each clientincluding installation design and configuration, with the primary objective of maximizing the profitability of energy consumption.

The company, using materials and equipment from high-level manufacturers, schedules the various stages of self-consumption project implementation, and performs them in accordance with the industry’s most demanding safety and quality standards. At this point, it offers the possibility of installing complementary energy solutions, such as batteries or chargers for electric vehicles.

Likewise, apart from offering flexible payment methods, it is responsible for requesting construction and implementation permits for the new facility, as well as any assistance that may be applied. Finally, it also deals with the operation and maintenance phase with full guarantees.

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