Wave of cancellations stirs up culture: ‘It’s a clear case of censorship and I don’t think we’re the last’

One week, four cancellations. The specter of censorship looms over the world of culture, which has stunned commentary since last Wednesday of the Three plays and a children’s movie In four municipalities governed by the Popular Party. In two of them, Vox is in charge of the Culture area.

Today, a statement is expected to be shared denouncing the return of censorship on social media. The concise and powerful text calls for the protection of freedom of expression and states that without culture there is no democracy.

“It is a very frightening coincidence & rdquor; Xavier Pobis, playwright and director of “The Sea: Seeing Some Children Never See Before,” explains the play that the new mayor of Brevisca has canceled, citing budget and security reasons. “We have a fairly clear case of censorship and I don’t think we are another & rdquo;a point.

What this wave of cancellations for ridiculous reasons is silencing colleagues’ work on important issues, such as Historical memory. Education is the seed to having a critical attitude and this is very evident at Vox, who know very well where to empower themselves. It is unfortunate that everything is happening in the context of elections and that we do not see what could happen, “adds Bobis.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The series of cancellations began last Wednesday at Valdemorillo, Where the Ministry of Culture is run by Vox and City Hall in the hands of PP. The performance of “Orlando,” a Virginia Woolf classic written nearly a century ago, was planned for 1928. The performance was part of the program of the Seven Villas Festival of the Community of Madrid next November.

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Plus an undisguised love letter to Vita Sackville WestWolfe’s lover and best friend, “Orlando” is a novel starring a young aristocrat who travels through the centuries (no fewer than five have lived). Change gender but be the same person. Woolf, the feminist writer wherever she may be, created this mechanism to talk about it The chronic difficulties of being a woman throughout history.

I scrapped a monologue about bulimia

In Palma de Mallorca, where the People’s Party rules, they have eliminated jobs “NOA,” a text written by Anne Perillo on eating disordersAnd for not going “on line” of the new government programme. They didn’t give us much information. We do not understand the decision. Noa. Radiografia d’un destorn’ deals with Eating disorders who do not understand political color. said the online playwright, who also performs this monologue about Your experience with bulimia. The work premiered at the Sala Flyhard in Barcelona. Perelló won Best Actress from ATAPIB, the Association of Public Theaters and Reviewers of the Balearic Islands.

Buzz Lightyear doesn’t like PP or Vox

The city of Santa Cruz de Bisama in Cantabria also hit the headlines this week after PP and Vox will withdraw the children’s film “Lightyear” from the summer cycle In the town square, in the open air programmed by the former socialist government. The film, a prequel to the popular “Toy Story” series, the jewel in Pixar’s crown, tells the story of Buzz Lightyear and in A relationship between two women kiss included. The film’s world premiere last year was controversial because the kiss of astronaut Alisha, Lightyear’s best friend, triggered it. Censorship in 14 countries of the Middle East Such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and a few Asian countries, such as Malaysia.

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Benaiges story, the Catalan master shot

The latest case of annulment occurred in Brevisca, in Burgos province, a town of 6,000 where the People’s Party rules with the support of Vox and Ciudadanos. On July 15th it was to be done “The Sea: A Vision for Children They’ve Never Seen Before”, Script written and directed by Xavier Pubis W Alberto Conguerothe National Prize for Dramatic Literature in 2019, which was a finalist in the Max Awards and the Critics’ Awards and could be seen last season at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.

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The piece tells a story Catalan country teacher, Anthony Benaiges, who was set in the 1930s to teach in Bañuelos de Bureba, five kilometers from Briviesca. There he bought a printing press and a gramophone and began recording and publishing the feelings and dreams of his school students, to whom he promised a trip to see the sea. The visit never took place because Benaygs shot him at the start of the Civil War, in 1936, for his commitment to republican ideals.

Commenting on bids is not acceptable.

The actor and theater director also spoke about the wave of cancellations Louis Homar, At the helm of the National Classical Theater Company since 2019 and these days presenting “Life is a Dream” at the Grec Festival. “I hope the political changes don’t affect the world of culture, but we see things we don’t like. Things you thought couldn’t happen do happen. I am one of those who believe that culture is a basic necessity, like health and education. no doubt. Charters must be established to make this clear Culture does not touch, it is sacred. Freedom of expression is absolute and nothing can interrupt it. Offers to be suspended are not acceptable. I hope all people of culture, of whom we are not few, will agree and do what is necessary. It is absolutely unacceptable.”

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